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Productivity and Employee Wellbeing – Why People Work Better When They Feel Better

As employers have evolved and become more interested in employee wellbeing during the past few decades, one thing has become clear. Productivity and employee wellbeing are interconnected. Employee wellbeing refers to an employee’s health, happiness, and satisfaction at work.

People used to believe that employees performed at their best under stress; however, evidence suggests that a stressful work environment has a negative impact on employee productivity in both the long and the short-term. When employees are stressed, sick, or burnt out, there is a noticeable decrease in their ability to be productive. Put simply, people work better when they feel better. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 ways productivity and employee wellbeing are connected.

Healthy Employees Lower Health Costs

An unhealthy workforce can be incredibly costly to employers. Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on healthcare costs. A good portion of the costs are related to preventable medical issues. As a result, employees may lose many productive hours at work due to a significant reduction in the capacities of unhealthy employees.

To mitigate these costs, many companies have worked to create programs that promote the overall wellbeing of their employees. The data suggests that the dollars put into these programs are well spent.

For every dollar spent on wellness programs, companies can see a substantial reduction in costs related to medical issues and absences. These programs must be tailored to each workplace, but typically include encouraging exercise, meditation, weight loss, healthier eating habits, and stress reduction.

Healthy Workplaces Increase Employee Resilience and Retention

A workplace that strives to improve the wellbeing of their employees typically has workers who can be more productive for longer durations.

By making the working environment more comfortable, allowing greater work flexibility, and encouraging healthier habits in employees, companies can have a healthier workforce that does not view coming to work as a negative event. Workplaces that implement these strategies tend to have lower turnover rates, reducing the costs associated with training new employees.

Healthy Workplaces Decrease Tension and Toxicity

Workplace wellness programs can help create company cultures that are less stressful and tense. Employers know that stress and tension in a workplace decreases the chances of employees having pleasant, cooperative interactions with their peers. When companies have an environment teeming with tension and toxicity, productivity plummets overall. Wellness programs that equip employees with healthy ways of releasing and addressing stress are crucial to the development and maintenance of a healthy, productive workplace.

Happy Workplaces Increase Job Satisfaction

It is common for employees to feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their work as a result of the conditions under which they labor. When employees feel stressed and disconnected from their jobs, it is likely that their work will suffer. Fostering a sense of autonomy and individuality is one way to improving employee job satisfaction. Employees who feel as if they are treated as replaceable tend to care less about the quality of their work. To combat this, employers can find ways to celebrate employees and demonstrate a commitment to their overall wellbeing.

Happy, Healthy Workplaces Have Better Communication

Employees who feel they are heard in the workplace tend to experience improved emotional and mental health. Fostering a workplace that encourages communication can improve moods, relationships, problem-solving abilities, and stress. All of this can significantly increase employee productivity. Cultivate an environment that ensures that employees can openly share ideas and discuss various issues.

Employees are not merely tools that exist to serve the company’s interests. They are whole human beings with needs, wants, and desires that must not be ignored. Historically, employee productivity has been the primary concern, while employee wellbeing and happiness have come second. But, in order to have a thriving business, you need productive employees who are healthy and happy as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can improve productivity and employee wellbeing at your business, contact us today and read about how we do employee wellness differently. We have a number of programs and strategies will help improve wellbeing and health at your company.



Workplace Wellness Event Ideas For Small Businesses

Want to boost morale and show your employees how much you appreciate them? Workplace wellness programs have become popular for many small businesses and provide a way to decrease employee turnover, and keep current employees happy and productive.

The key to wellness programs at work is encouraging wellbeing, while keeping it fun and productive. Here are 5 workplace wellness event ideas for small businesses you can use to spice up your company’s wellness initiatives.

1. Organize a 5k.

Here are some steps you can take to getting your 5k up and running.

Gather Volunteers: Find people from your business that are willing to give their time to helping plan and organize this event.

Choose the Location: You’ll need a place large enough to host a crowd of people!

Check the Legalities: Make sure the venue of your choice will allow this type of event, sometimes proper permits and paperwork are required.

Pick a theme! Center it around employee wellness, remember that this is about them. Set up incentives and prizes for employees who participate.

Host your event, and keep it fun!

2. Host a Walk-a-Thon.

Hosting a Walk-a-Thon is very similar to hosting a 5k event. You are going to need volunteers, a location and time, a theme, and some fun incentives for your employees.

You can use an event like this to your advantage and help raise funds for your business and use the profits to focus more on employee wellbeing. It’s a great way to boost morale and show your employees that you care about them and their needs!

3. Create a Fitness Challenge.

What better way to get the results you are searching for than to create a fitness challenge for your employees? Here are some challenges you can offer up to your employees for them to better their health.

Daily Habits Challenge: Challenge employees to change unhealthy daily habits and offer prizes for successful participants.

Weight Loss Challenge: Keep track of each employee who participates and offer up prizes.

Team Wellness Challenge: Split up different employees into teams that are focused on a set goal, such as weight loss or most miles ran, and offer up incentives for the winning team.

4. Provide Meditation Training.

Meditation is beneficial in many ways. It’s a great way to relieve stress by calming the mind and body. By providing meditation training to your employees you are offering up a different way to alleviate the stresses of their day to day life. Here are a few benefits of meditation:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Control Anxiety
  • Promote Emotional Health
  • May Help Fight Addictions
  • Lengthens Attention Span
  • Enhance Self Awareness

These are just a few benefits for anyone who gives meditation a try. These are beneficial not only for in the work-space, but in day to day life as well.

5. Offer Zumba Classes.

Zumba is an aerobic fitness program that is made up of different varieties of Latin style dancing. This is a fun and creative fitness program that many individuals all over the globe love to take part in because it’s more like a party than a workout!!

The benefits are amazing and your employees are bound to have the time of their lives participating in a class such as this. It burns calories and fat, provides a full body workout, and is lots of fun for everyone involved!

If these ideas appeal to you and sound like a good fit for your company then reach out to  to discuss strategies that will better benefit your employees. We help companies lower their health costs over time by designing intentional, customized workplace wellness programs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your workplace thrive.


5 Steps to Workplace Wellness Success

Every business wants to create a productive and efficient workplace. Investing in the health and well-being of your employees will increase workplace wellness success and can help lower health care costs in the long run.

An inspiring wellness program can help improve the health and happiness of employees, boosting productivity in the workplace and generating many other positive effects.

Healthier, happier employees can positively impact your bottom line, too. When employees feel better, they perform better and bring their positivity and enthusiasm to all of their customer interactions. Here are 5 steps to workplace wellness success:  

1. Understand Employees Needs

To implement a successful and effective wellness program, you need to understand what your employees need and want.

Conduct a survey about your employees overall health. In the survey, ask them about their interests and about what support they would like to improve their health. This will give you an insight into the needs and challenges your program should address.

Employees are more likely to participate in a wellness program if they feel their needs have been taken into consideration and the activities interest and benefit them.

2. Define Clear Goals

Once you have an idea of your employees needs and interests, you can prioritize your goals.

Do you want to save on healthcare costs? Reduce stress in the workplace? Focus on nutrition and physical activity or a combination of these things?  

Having clear goals for the program will help you determine what you need to do to achieve those goals. It will also help you evaluate the impact of your wellness program and make future developments to increase its success.

3. Involve Company Leaders

Company leaders and team managers are role models. Encouraging leaders to actively participate in the wellness program will emphasize the importance the company places on health and wellness. Having leaders model healthy lifestyles and participate in the wellness program also helps engrain it into the workplace culture.

Offering team leaders support in improving their health and lifestyle establishes living a healthy life as a team effort and builds comradery around wellness within teams.

4. Use Various Methods and Offer Creative Options

The are various ways to approach health and well-being, including holistic, alternative and clinical approaches. The most successful wellness programs tend to offer a combination of these different approaches.

Your employees are individuals and so effective wellness programs need cater to diverse employee needs. Offering a range of workplace wellness incentives to suit different interests will increase the likelihood of success.

Some ways to include wellness activities in the workplace are

  • Yoga classes
  • Activity clubs or teams
  • Use technology to keep track of fitness goals
  • Provide training on various topics such as health or nutrition
5. Make it Fun and Rewarding

Workplace wellness is about creating a healthy, positive and productive environment.

Offering incentives for employees to achieve their goals and celebrating successes will create a positive culture. Creative options that are both fun and beneficial will encourage employees to become actively engaged in workplace wellness, leading to a happier and less stressful workplace in the long run.

For more information on workplace wellness success and how it can benefit your company contact us today.


5 Workplace Wellness Statistics Business Owners Should Know

Workplace wellness is a buzzword in today’s human resources landscape – and for good reason. Employees physical, mental and emotional health matter and can have significant impact on their overall happiness at work and their productivity.

Around the world, employers are opting to prioritize workplace wellness, which has blossomed into a $40 billion industry worldwide. Wellness programs in the workplace spark healthier habits and encourage employees to pursue and prioritize their own personal health and wellness.

If you’re curious about the need for such programs, here’s a look at 5 workplace wellness statistics every business owner should know.  

60% of  Workers Say They’re Burnt out at their Current Job

According to a 2017 Career Builder Survey, more than half of the American workplace reported feeling burnt out at their current job. This statistic is particularly alarming because employees who’re burnt out aren’t operating at their highest levels of productivity, creativity, or happiness on the job.

31% of American Workers Report High or Extremely High Stress Levels at Work

From working long hours, to managing multiple roles, to struggling to find a sustainable work-life balance, nearly 33% of employees in the U.S. are stressed. High levels of stress have been linked to a number of health problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and depression.

Only 33% of Employees Say They’re Engaged At Work

Only 33% of employees reported feeling engaged at work, according to a recent Gallup report. That means the majority of the American workforce isn’t engaged, and consequently, isn’t particularly productive at work.

When employees are disengaged at work, they’re more likely to search for other jobs and make major mistakes on the job. Employees can be disengaged for a number of reasons, including burnout, workaholism, alcoholism, depression, chronic stress, or  boredom.

Productivity losses linked to missed work cost U.S. employers $225.8 billion, or $1,685 per employee, each year

The word’s out. When employees miss work or are less than productive at work, employers pay for it. It’s important to create a work environment employees want to come to each day.

Sports teams, game nights, and team dinners are just a few of the ways to keep a team engaged. When they feel connected, they want to stay close. It’s just a matter of making that initial investment.

It’s just a matter of investing your time and emotional energy into the well-being of your team. Wellness extends beyond nutrition and fitness. Wellness programs include anything that positively impacts an employee’s wellbeing. For example, team building, professional development counseling, or paid vacation days are all examples of wellness benefits.

75% of healthcare problems in the U.S are caused by stress-related and preventable chronic diseases

Healthcare costs are generally one of businesses’ largest expenses. When preventable health issues caused by stress create other medical problems for employees, your businesses’ health costs will continue to grow.

Employees want to feel connected, appreciated, and part of the group. When an employer takes the time to provide a thoughtful benefits plan, everyone wins. Your employees will feel better, live healthier, and be happier. As a result, they’ll produce more productive and creative work.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you need help structuring a strategic wellness program, can help. Contact us today!




Implementing Workplace Wellness Programs: The Benefits

Poor employee health creates many problems for the company at large. That’s why many smart businesses are coming to understand the benefits of implementing workplace wellness programs. If you’re on the fence about incorporating a program of your own, keep reading.

Traditional business owners may struggle to see the value in workplace wellness programs, seeing them as a luxury for hip startups. But that’s far from the truth.

Every business can invest in the health of their employees through a workplace wellness program and lower their overall employee healthcare costs in the long run.

With that in mind, here are the benefits of implementing workplace wellness programs at your company.

1. Lessens Healthcare Costs

It makes sense that keeping your employees healthy works out well for your business. After all, it’d be a bit difficult to run daily operations if everyone has the flu.

Keeping everyone healthy keeps you from overspending on medical insurance. And those savings can go a long way in benefiting your business — AND employees.

2. Increased Employee Productivity

Thorough research and analysis show higher productivity among employees who participate in wellness benefits from employers. In such a highly competitive business world, it’s important to function at full-capacity every day.

Imagine what the office would look like if ALL your employees were productive? You can work toward that goal if you’re willing to invest in it.

3. Improved Employee Engagement

When people feel cared about, they engage with the world in a different way. As an employer, gestures of concern for their well-being can go a long way to building a high-functioning team.

Chances are, you want your team to work well together. That means they need to be engaged. What better way than through getting them to bond about health and wellness?

4. Decreased Employee Absenteeism

If you want a productive workforce, it’s important that your employees actually SHOW UP to work. When employees are healthier, more confident, and bonded with the company, they’re going to miss less days.

And research backs this up. In fact, for every $1 spent on a wellness program, studies show that the company saves $2.73 in the long run.

5. Improved Employee Health Behaviors

Unhealthy employee behaviors can cause chaos, poor performance and conflict. It’s important to keep everyone in the right headspace and physical health.

Wellness programs give your team an easy way to stay fit, both physically and mentally. As they continue to invest in themselves, you may notice these negative team behaviors subside. Providing employees with a convenient, affordable way to take care of themselves is just smart.


Successful companies need to invest in their employees’ well-being — it’s only going to become more and more important. Implementing a workplace wellness program is the first step to reaping all the benefits associated with it.

To learn more about implementing workplace wellness programs download our workplace wellness eBook or contact us at [email protected] Start living well today!



How to Increase Employee Participation in Wellness Programs

If you’re wondering how to increase employee participation in wellness programs, you’re not alone. Though 85% of large employers introduced wellness programs in 2015, only about 40% of the employees that knew of the programs participated in them.

Many companies are investing heavily in wellness programs, but they aren’t seeing great results. Often times, employees feel disconnected from their company’s wellness programs, leading to low participation rates.

Is your company experiencing a similar trend? Tackle it head on with a comprehensive wellness program with a consistent message. The program should tap into what motivates employees and what is relevant to their needs. Give your wellness program a makeover with these 4 simple tips!

A Consistent Message Across the Organization

To efficiently spread the word about your new wellness program, maintain a consistent message across all departments. When everyone in your company knows about the program’s goals and purposes, you’re more likely to see interest in wellness and preventative care increase.

Developing a Culture of Wellness

A great way to send the message that health is important to your company is to cultivate a culture of wellness within your organization. Make talking about health and participating in wellness activities normal. Casual even. You can do this by incentivizing wellness activities and making them readily available to your employees through on-site amenities or subsidized memberships.

You can also assign wellness ambassadors that become role models for all employees! They could share tips, suggest new activities and talk about their lifestyle via corporate communication tools.

Engagement Through Encouragement

A major reason why employees don’t engage with wellness programs in the long run is because they feel defeated after the first few tries. Encourage all employees to participate and give their best effort. To combat discouragement, pair employees with others who can motivate and inspire them!

When daily work revolves around deadline-driven projects, an encouraging wellness program provides a much-needed break from the stresses of the day. It can include fun activities that everyone participates in where the only requirement is to try your best and celebrate the wins.

Customization for Employees

Employees who feel that their wellness program is personalized for their unique needs and level of fitness will be more engaged with the program overall. One way to allow for customization is to offer support for a variety of wellness activities. Going to the gym isn’t for everyone. You can subsidize more than just gym memberships! Try subsidizing the costs of other fitness activities such as yoga classes, community sports teams, martial arts programs, and dance programs!

The benefits of employee wellness programs are endless. They impact your bottom line and your employees lives in a positive way.

A Rand Corporation study on workplace wellness programs found that companies saved an average of $30 per participant each month in healthcare costs. Saving an extra $30 per employee annually may not seem significant. But, it is! Every dollar saved adds up in the long run. designs customized employee wellness programs that align with and support company goals.

We understand what helps employees make the most of wellness and healthcare programs. As a result, our support has helped companies and organizations craft meaningful benefit programs that engage employees.

Contact us today to design a customized employee wellness program based on your company’s unique culture and purpose!



Employee Health Benefits for Small Employers

Want to set yourself apart from the competition? Differentiate yourself with an extensive employee health benefits package.

About 75% of the medium and large employers offer a comprehensive health insurance plan. Plus, they offer other bonuses and incentives to employees:

  • Health club memberships
  • Flexible schedules
  • Day care
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • On-site dry cleaning
  • And MORE!

In fact, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), companies must provide health care plans to employees with 50+ employees. And individuals must receive coverage, regardless of their background.

Unfortunately, employee health benefits for small employers come at a hefty price. That’s why so many are turning to

Small Business Healthcare Dynamics

Many smaller companies struggle to provide the best health coverage for their employees and end up losing them to bigger brands for more stability.

There are times when smaller employees cover the basics like health, wellness, fitness, travel, therapy, remote work, pets, etc. But these get fairly expensive, especially when you account for employee onboarding costs and turnover rates.

The problem that most small employers face right now? They often end up paying more for employee health benefits than larger companies because they don’t have buying power.

A small business, on average, can end up paying about 18% more than larger firms on the same policy and coverage, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Aligning Company Goals with Healthcare Program

What’s really needed in the workplace right now is a health insurance experience tailored to your specific workplace culture. When your goals and healthcare package are blended together, it creates a more synchronous environment for your employees to excel.

That’s where the experts at come in. We work with smaller companies to discover the best way to give employees the coverage they need. Our benefits architects help companies  provide employees with stable and sustainable health coverage they can depend on.

Additionally, we help employers implement employee wellness programs to keep employees physically, mentally, and emotionally fit year round. At, we believe that when humans thrive, companies prosper. We’re committed to finding and creating a comprehensive healthcare solution for our clients so they can reap the bountiful benefits of taking care of their employees.  

How is Unique is committed to consulting with your organization and healthcare providers to discover the best approach for companies to prosper and thrive.

We help you craft comprehensive benefit packages that align with the company culture and purpose. Everything from advocacy to communications is handled by us, so that you don’t have to worry about coverage or employee satisfaction.

The Approach

Our entire approach puts your company’s goals at the center of everything. That way you can focus on your organizational process and reduce attrition.

Our current and past clients offer high praise for the work that we’ve done because of our astute understanding of their business. We see things from your perspective and come up with the best plan for your needs.

Our customized employee health benefits for small employers relieves stress from overextended owners. You may also see lower employee turnover and higher satisfaction.

Plus, when employees feel valued, they reciprocate with higher quality work. Contact today!


Employee Wellness Program Ideas That Work

Employee wellness programs are becoming commonplace in todays work world. Companies are taking responsibility for their employees wellness, connecting the dots between their employees health, their happiness at work and profitability. But, in a world of wellness programs with free gym memberships and on-site personal trainers, what actually works?

Here’s a look at 3 companies with incredible employee wellness programs that make wellness fun, normal and well-rounded. Be inspired by these employee wellness program ideas that work.

Making Wellness Fun

Zappos, an online retailer, does more than just sell fabulous clothing, footwear and accessories. The company has received praise for it’s innovative corporate wellness initiatives. While many companies offer gym memberships and support employees in traditional “workout” activities, Zappos focuses on making wellness fun. The wellness coordinator takes small groups of employees on “wellness adventures,” offsite activities that get employees moving and having fun. Past “wellness adventures” have included taking a group sports lesson, playing laser tag and jumping on a trampoline.

Remember racing out the door for recess in elementary school? Everyone wanted to be the first in line to check out their basketballs or jump ropes. Zappos holds “Recess Tuesdays” every week to help employees stay active. Employees can wander onto the company’s plaza and find all kinds of playground toys!

Making Wellness Normal

To employees a Limeade, a tech company focused on employee engagement, wellness is, well, normal. All employees get a FitBit fitness tracker on their first day so they can jump right in and immerse themselves in the fitness-focused culture.

Additionally, the company’s office space is filled with standing desks, bike desks, yoga balls and scooters. Employees are encouraged to find days to work from home and to take “well-being” breaks throughout the workday. Talk about normalizing wellness in the workplace!

Making Wellness Well-Rounded

Wellness is about more than just going to the gym! Zozi, an online booking software company, knows this. The company gives each employee a quarterly “fun fund” of $400. Employees can spend their “fun fund” money on a mini vacation or to save for something bigger.

The “fun fund” helps give employees something to look forward to, an important part of wellness.

Normalizing wellness as well as making it fun and well-rounded are three keys to successful corporate wellness programs. Have you incorporated these qualities into your company’s program?

The good news is, you can always improve your wellness program and your company’s culture. It’s never too late.

We at love helping companies improve their company culture and communicate their values through the perks and benefits they offer employees. Our knowledgable benefits consultants can help you design the perfect solution for your company and your employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


Benefits and Values: A Look Into How The Honest Company Aligns Them

The idea that companies can and should offer employee benefits and perks that align with their values is gaining ground. Now, it’s not uncommon to find companies thinking beyond the traditional benefits, like 401Ks and health insurance.

Getting creative about how to connect employees to the company’s values can be fun and incredibly rewarding. You don’t have to be the biggest, most established company to begin thinking along these lines. Taking time now to be intentional about aligning benefits and values will have you reaping a consistent harvest of happy, loyal, motivated employees.

The Honest Company prides itself on being a healthy lifestyle brand committed to making safe, responsible, accessible and effective products. The company, founded by actress Jessica Alba, also values educating it’s customers and community.

The company’s mission statement says this:

We’re a wellness brand with values rooted in consciousness, community, transparency and design. And we’re on a mission to empower people to live happy, healthy lives. Every day and in every way, we hold ourselves to an Honest standard. Because we believe that what you put on, in and around your body matters. A lot.

Here’s a look at some of the perks and benefits The Honest Company offers it’s employees that align with its values:


Employees get to participate in monthly company-wide volunteer activities organized by The Honest Company’s Social Goodness Department. In addition, the company matches dollars to every hour employees volunteer with organizations outside of work. Clearly, social consciousness and social goodness permeate the company culture.


The Honest Company prioritizes community in the workplace by encouraging celebration and fun regularly. Employees can attend quirky social events to hang out with their fellow employees. From parking lot concerts, to carnivals, to ping-pong tournaments and Crock-pot wars, The Honest Company makes sure employees have something fun to look forward to eery month! The company also believes in celebrating the “tiny moments,” hosting birthday festivities, baby showers and team happy hours.


It makes sense that a company with the word “Honest” in it’s name would value transparency! One way this plays out is through The Honest Company’s health and wellness initiatives. The company offers subsidies for gym memberships or reimburses employees for their plans. Additionally, the company keeps its kitchens fully stocked with healthy snacks and beverages. (Guess you won’t find your favorite soda-pop or Cheetos there!) From on-tap sparkling water, to freshly fruit and veggies, to weekly Kombucha deliveries, The Honest Company honestly wants it’s employees to live their healthiest lives.


You can never underestimate the role a space’s vibe and design can play in how employees feel at work! The Honest Company’s headquarters look like a “Pinterest board come to life.” The building features recreational rooms with ping-pong tables and cornhole setups, relaxing spaces with couches and newspapers, live plants, lots of natural light and collaborative workspaces. Working in a beautiful, uplifting space that encourages productivity and collaboration gets employees excited to come to work. It can also help them hone into their work and place the cares of their everyday lives on pause while in the space.

The Honest Company keeps their values at the forefront of the perks and benefits they offer their employees. And, the stats are in! 94% of employees said the company had a great atmosphere and 83% say it has great rewards according to a survey taken by the Great Place to Work Institute. 

We at believe benefits don’t have to be boring. We love partnering with companies to create custom, personalized benefits packages that align with their company’s culture and are sure to keep their employees happy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reap the benefits of an amazing employee benefits package.


6 Drool-Worthy Benefits For Hospitality Employees

When traveling, while staying in a youth hostel and bringing back memories from college is an enticing option, many people opt for hotels. The hospitality industry employs thousands of people across the United States. It’s no wonder these companies have to make sure they’re great places to work. Designing benefits for hospitality employees is a unique process, but these companies are slaying the game.

Six hospitality companies made Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For list in 2017. Retaining employees in the industry long-term can be difficult, but, but these companies are slaying the game. Here’s a look at 6 of their drool-worthy benefits for hospitality employees:

Hotel and Restaurant Discounts for the Whole Family

Employees of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants get to enjoy the same luxuries their guests enjoy, but at a discounted price! They can stay at all of the company’s hotels for $50 a night. That’s right. Regardless of where the property is, the price stays consistent at $50 a night. Also, the whole family can get on the fun! The discount applies to the immediate family as well! The includes mom, pops, the grandparents, grandchildren, and siblings. Employees become eligible for this perk after 90-days of employment with a Kimpton hotel or restaurant.

Free Car Washes and Dry Cleaning

Splash through a muddy puddle on your way to work? If you work for Hilton, that’s no problem. The company provides free car washes for all of it’s employees. This perk keeps Hilton employees riding in style. Perhaps another car accidentally drove through another muddy puddle on your way out the door, covering you in mud and slush. That’s not a problem either. The hospitality giant also covers dry cleaning for all employees.

Housekeeping Flextime Program: Finish early? Go home, you’ll still get paid

It takes a team of talented housekeepers to keep Hyatt rooms and suites immaculate each day. The company promotes work-life balance for housekeepers with it’s Housekeeping Flextime Program. Housekeepers can begin and end their shifts whenever is convenient for them. When housekeepers complete their assignments before the end of an 8-hour shift, they can go home! They will be paid for a full 8 hour shift regardless of how many actual hours they worked. Talk about an incentive to work quickly and efficiently!

Free Life and Health Coaching

Marriott International, Inc. wants its employees to succeed on the job and in their personal lives. The company gives all employees access to free life and health coaches by phone. At about 30 locations, coaches are available by video and onsite! These professionals help walk employees through life events and profited them with information, resources and referrals for what they need.

Lifestyle Discounts: Gym, Cell Phone, Food, Oh My!

People don’t often think of restaurants as great places to work. However, The Cheesecake Factory is changing the perception of the restaurant and hospitality industry with incredible perks for employees including discounts on gym memberships, cell phone service, travel and food at all restaurants.

Free Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Beverages

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts are known for luxurious living and decision food. Employees at all locations receive free breakfast, lunch snack and beverages. That sure beats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich packed from home!

Regardless of whether or not you’re in the hospitality industry, you can be inspired by the creative ways these companies pamper and appreciate their employees! Giving employees access to resources relevant to your industry is a great way to create enthusiastic employees who look forward to coming to work. While these benefits are nontraditional, they go a long way in retaining talent. You’ve already got a great business, so why not make sure you attract and retain the best employees?

At, we partner with companies to create custom, personalized benefits packages that align with their values. We believe benefits don’t have to be boring. Benefits are an often underutilized, incredible way to communicate your company’s values, goals and commitment to employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you craft a fun, comprehensive benefits packages that will have your employees jumping for joy.