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Meet Jennifer Savory, our newest addition to the team

We’re pleased to announce that Jennifer Savory has joined to work in sales and business development, helping ambitious companies transform their workplace benefits and wellbeing programs.

Jennifer comes to from a long career in health and wellness in various capacities.

From leading team adventure race programs for Young Presidents Organization (YPO) to building the Wild Canyon Games from the ground up to driving corporate wellness strategy for GoDaddy as their Wellness Director or studying the human metabolism for Sparks Systems, Jennifer has deliberately focused on inspiring people and organizations to pursue healthy, courageous living.

Jenn brings years of experience in building programs and galvanizing people inside growing organizations around health and wellness. I’m thrilled to have her help us bring to more companies seeking to reimagine their workplaces.

Jennifer’s pretty excited too: “I have always been passionate by the potential that every human body has to be its very best through wellness. I’ve witnessed countless times how improving health can dramatically change someone’s life, so the team is a perfect fit for me. I’m so excited to work with a team that is innovating and breaking paradigms to scale health and wellness to people.”

As a mother of two and an avid bike-riding and outdoors enthusiast, Jennifer can be found creating new adventures with her family and friends on a weekly basis.

Says Jennifer, “My philosophy for life is best captured by Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” speech with an updated twist from author Brene Brown: “If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback!”

We agree, Jenn. Getting messy in the arena (rather than the safety of the stands) makes life infinitely more interesting.

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