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Meet the New and Improved

When Ash and I started this company together three years ago, we had a feeling we were on to something. But we had no idea the kind of impact we’d end up having or the intentional (and impressive) people leaders we’d get to do it with.

You see there’s a problem in the workplace and it continues to grow. Talent is harder and harder to attract and retain. People feel less and less secure. Yet more and more, stress, anxiety and burnout are to blame. HR leaders and CEOs throw perks at it, launch programs, push harder quarter to quarter. But what’s missing is a proven, long-term strategy and the courage to pursue something better.

We believe it’s time to transform how companies grow and win their markets.

That’s why I’m excited to share the next stage in Our mission is to reimagine the workplace and help HR leaders drive culture in new and profound ways, starting with nailing benefits so people feel safety and trust.

Why Now
Companies think they are investing in the places that matter, but all the while most are missing what matters most: love and belonging.

You see, I was one of those who didn’t feel like she belonged. Who didn’t know that the stress, anxiety and burnout was slowly killing me. I was focused on over achieving deliverables, writing decks, too many meetings, working long hours, fitting in family and life events around the work instead of looking at ways to stay healthy, rest and restore, further explore creativity and performance in new ways.

I started to think about what was missing. How had I let my human be hijacked? The journey started to unfold. Getting healthy, restoring, finding time for learning, being around different perspectives, making a full commitment to myself above any other was the path.

Building the Future
At, we focus first on benefits to ensure that at a minimum healthcare and other benefits in case of emergencies are covered. For high-growth companies, they see that is bare minimum.

Now we are going big on human! We are partnering with companies to help them become Untouchable, the new era of business. One where goals are high performance, creativity and innovation, driving customer value with ease and comparing themselves to themselves for ultimate achievement of their goals.

We’re leading a conversation around what it means to be human inside the workplace. I’ll hope you’ll join us. We look forward to the road ahead.



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