At PCA SKIN our purpose is to improve people's lives.  We have been innovators in healthy skin for over 25 years, and our passion continues to focus on customers, consumers, and employees.  When we chose an employee benefits partner, it was critical that they shared a passion for people and were innovators within their industry. 

Beni.fit helped us restructure our benefits program to offer additional plan choices to our employees. Our work with them showed us that we don’t need to over-insure our workforce if we educate them about benefits, which resulted in much more empowered healthcare consumers.

Working with Beni.fit, we rolled out a communication strategy that succeeded in achieving a higher level of understanding of their benefits, so that they could make more informed choices about their healthcare and plan options. Beni.fit also provided us with a year-long communication program so that our employees were learning something of value about their benefits, healthcare and overall wellbeing each month.

Finally, they helped us align our internal human resources branding so that we were consistent across all employee communications - including our benefits guide, which they produced and our employees found extremely beneficial. 

Michael Larrain,
PCA Skin

Beni.fit really challenged us to think differently about our benefits strategy. Through our work together, we saved $70,000 in our first year alone. With this cost savings, we could redistribute funds to purchase much-needed technology to automate HR and payroll. 

Beni.fit is also helping us educate our employees and change the culture and perception around benefits through savvy communication and education strategies. They helped us with internal branding alignment across our organization as well, which has been very beneficial. 

Our partnership with them has been invaluable and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

Sarah Jacobson,
Director of Human Resources

We have a unique culture at the Better Business Bureau. With things like a Zen Den for meditation and relaxation and free bikes for commuting, we are seeking ways to effectively communicate our culture to new hires and prospective employees. 

Beni.fit is helping us align our culture to our benefits strategy and communications. They created a user-friendly benefits guide that showcased our culture and connected it to our benefits program.  Beyond this, we are working with them on a wellness strategy to lay the foundation for a long-term wellbeing program. They also just completed an employee survey to help us gain insights for a multi-year strategy for our benefits program.

We look forward to continuing to work with Beni.fit and evolve our benefits and wellness programs. 

Noelle Rooke, Director of People and Culture
Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern, and Western Arizona