The Instigators

The Instigators

We’re instigators.
We fit best with teams looking for a fresh take.

For culture-forward, high-growth companies aiming to find competitive advantage, is a new kind of benefits consultancy built for the now. Consider us your company growth and performance consultant for your workforce.

A team of dreamers and doers, we’re proud to be rebels and misfits out to change the status quo. We are former Fortune 100 execs, insurance industry misfits, startup leaders, culture warriors and agents of change. We are reimagining the workplace of the future in how employee benefits, wellness programs and optimized performance intersect.

We start with employee benefits and partner further from there, tailoring solutions to your specific culture and aims. Unlike the typical broker you see once-a-year selling cookie-cutter, high-commission, perplexing renewals, simplifies benefits planning with actionable data, a transparent process and unrivaled creativity so HR leaders and their CEOs can make the most informed decisions to force multiply the power of their company culture and win.


We know your job as an HR leader is tough.

We exist to empower you and your culture to thrive.

We know your job as an HR leader is challenging.

We make your job easier with our proven framework.

We know running HR can feel thankless.

We help you tame the employee benefits beast once and for all.

Say goodbye to your broker, and hello to your human possibility partner

Our Story

The moment of liftoff started with a breakdown, that led to a breakthrough for founder and CEO, Kate. It was after the third emergency room visit for exhaustion that she realized her successful career at a Fortune 100 company needed to change. No longer willing to pay the price, Kate left the safety net to find her way.

After a year of dedicated self-inquiry and science-backed supercharging of her health, she emerged a new person, the person she always was inside, but could never truly access over the 20 years inside the corporate structure. Kate discovered the answer to what she most needed all those years: The permission and support to focus on honoring her ‘human’.

Kate learned firsthand that when people honor their human, they succeed in every area of their lives. When left ignored, we become stressed and health fails. Emboldened with her insights, Kate went into action through entrepreneurship, building a team to launch, enabling human possibility to begin and scale through benefits and culture.

Kate’s mission is to stamp out the 5th biggest killer in America: workplace stress. Since sharing the message of human possibility and action with progressive CEOs, the movement is resonating, delivering major results for leaders everywhere.

Meet the Team

Kate King

Founder and CEO

Ash Hachmeister


Kathy Sacks

Partner + Strategy

Sarah Lawson

Partner + Client Success

Jennifer Savory

Business Development

Vicky Greenwell

Payroll Technologies

You Belong Here exists to help leaders find new ways to win talent and elevate human potential like never before.


Don’t Call us Your Broker

If that’s what you want, we know a guy on a golf course somewhere hitting a round who’d be happy to take your call.

We Partner on Strategy

You get what you most need: a strategic partner and coach that helps you show your current and future workforce that you care.

Maximize ROI and Fun

With exactly the right, custom-fit programs, we help you play offense, containing costs and raising your return on time, money and energy.

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