The Reality

The Reality

There’s this recurring nightmare in the HR world.

And it goes a little something like this.

Every day you face the overwhelm to deliver results with little to no staff, despite high growth happening everywhere else in the business. You feel C-Suite pressure to grow people with limited budget and often, with only a partial view into long-term company strategy.

All the while your CEO pushes maniacally to spend less on benefits and perks, but raise ROI in people’s performance.

The stakes are high.

  • Win the race for talent.
  • Improve employee retention.
  • Build a killer culture.

The expectations you have for yourself are even higher

You want nothing less than to win at all three. Because when this happens, it means both the company and employees benefit, which means you’re kicking butt at your job.

Let’s Face it Though

The least sexy line item in your budget is employee benefits. But it’s the priciest at the no 2 or 3 spot in expenses to the business.

For the HR leader, benefits planning is one more to-do in a long running list of sh$t to check off. If you’re like most high-growth companies, you’re treating it like a commodity, overlooked for other more interesting perks and programs.

A Broken System

It’s easy to miss the wins when the whole system is set up the way it is. Brokers just shop the carriers annually and serve up nuanced options that all cost more and deliver less.

Plan-of-attack becomes “look for the lowest employee premium vs. company portion” to stay within budget and keep the cost increases at bay. So you move on to the next fire on your list. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Success runs on happy, peak performing people who show up fully as themselves in a caring workplace. So why don’t your people really feel that sense of care and belonging? Here’s how today’s best HR leaders are using to:

  • Contain costs and save money on employee benefits
  • Uplevel culture for humans to thrive
  • Authentically enable love, care and belonging in the workplace is the antidote to the 5 most soul-crushing words.‘It’s time for open enrollment.’ They squash this worry like a band of superheroes. Hire them today.

Kris Sleeper
HR Director, MDSL

Ignoring Your Reality?

We get it. Easier to focus where you think you can win. Analyzing employee sentiment or introducing new engagement strategies. Plus cauliflower crust pizza and kombucha on tap while dogs and 2-wheelers roam the hallways.

Putting Hope Into a Losing Strategy?

But the annual enrollment beast shows up, same time every year. *Heavy sigh* Even the most competent HR leaders just slog through it, hoping for the best.

4 out of 5 potential new hires say benefits top their list for deciding where to work

The good news is that there is a better way

Show me the possibility

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