A Top Concern for Leaders

For HR leaders, the employee benefits arena can feel stressful, complicated and basically rigged. Like riding a runaway train that you can’t stop. Every year you get less and less ROI. It’s maddening and can feel disempowering.

Benefits and Perks = Happier Employees

That’s why we start with benefits to build the safety and trust for your people in your organization. Then we power up your culture and human potential where you’ll truly see creativity and performance soar. Your organization gets growth, innovation and everybody wants to work there.

What We Do for Innovators

We are reimagining the workplace. Beginning with benefits.

We help you jump off the runaway cost train with a proven process. You can then put your energy, resources and creativity to work on company growth in a way that empowers the individual at every level.

From benefits to a kick ass culture code, you see human performance soar like never before.

We Can Show You How

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Say goodbye to your broker. And hello to a true long-term strategic partner.

Benefits Rainmaker

We believe a company’s employees are its greatest asset. Savvy organizations know it and invest in benefits that fire up their teams’ potential and productivity. With this in mind, we offer an array of employee benefit solutions such as strategic planning, insurance, analytics and compliance in addition to wellbeing and culture programs.

See how we do it

Culture Activist

Culture isn’t a set of values that only gets put up on a wall or printed each year in an annual shareholders deck. Culture initiatives are living and breathing growth enablers for your business. We have a creative and scientifically based approach to driving awesome cultures. Look, if you don’t have a backbone of trust in your organization, how are you going to create a following? How will you realize and empower your best people? We can show you how.

See the impact

Super Human Performance Hacker

Wellbeing in our terms is not handing out a fitbit band to every employee. Wellbeing is creative strategies and tactics that align your people and their purpose with your culture, driving higher performance and satisfaction of stakeholders and metrics within the company.

Power up your people

Markets We Serve

From 50 to 1000 employees, and from early stage to IPO, consider us your benefits and human potential development partner for the arc of your company’s growth.

Meet other high-growth leaders like you

We believe it’s time to release the handcuffs. Time to diffuse the ticking time bomb called benefits and take back your power to supercharge culture in profound ways.

We’ve done it for other high-growth companies


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