The Impact

The Impact

PCA Skin

Restructures employee benefits, wellness for more choice and higher employee engagement


With a vision to improve people’s lives through a professional skin care line backed by science, PCA Skin’s HR Director, Krista Rezaei fuels that innovation through an intentional strategy to hire exceptional talent and create a magnetic brand that attracts the best. But restructuring at the foundation had to be done several years ago, beginning with benefits.

Krista along with company execs were seeking the right benefits solution for their growing workforce as they looked to restructure offerings. High standards for the brand and the team meant even higher standards for any vendor or partner who would work alongside one of the fastest growing skincare brands to achieve their mission.

“Ironically, was not our initial choice,” explains Krista, grinning. “While we loved their innovative and consultative approach, we were concerned at the time that they were too small and that we might need to work with a national player.” Krista wondered if could really operate with the negotiation, legal, technical and industry expertise as a national firm.

But after a rigorous review of all potential partners, Krista easily chose “We realized pretty quickly into our vetting process that was the company most matched in our culture and our focus on results for employees and PCA Skin. They came to the table with the most comprehensive and overall best approach in taking our employee benefits and wellness program to the next level. We partnered with because of the value that they bring to our company.” helped reduce PCA Skin’s employee benefits program costs, without sacrificing quality to employees. Krista needed to offer solutions across a large spanning demographic, located nationwide that offered them choices. delivered on the promise.

“Every company worries at open enrollment time or the renewal period that they’re going to get an increase. went above and beyond in laying out the strategy, execution plan and savings opportunities we would expect, even before us signing the Broker of Record,” explains Krista. “They were warriors, really having our back and representing trust. We just knew they had ability to find the right solutions for us as a long-term partner.”

That was three years ago and Krista finds herself not just satisfied, but excited about the continued results and innovation she has with them. With a focus on further innovation in wellness, launched a 21 Days of Meditation employee program to rave reviews within PCA Skin. Additionally, PCA Skin recently went through an acquisition this year. “There was a lot of partnering with the team to continue to keep our costs down,” says Krista. “It’s been a wonderful experience and they made it so much easier.

Global consumer product innovator lowers cost and ups choice for employees

Krista admits that benefits is not always a fun subject, some days, it’s downright complicated, but working with has enabled quick answers leading to better employee satisfaction, a full and well-executed benefits plan, cost savings, alignment with culture and most importantly the foundation to PCA Skin’s wellness program that has been highly adopted across the company.

“Three years later, since hiring, I just don’t worry about benefits anymore,” says Krista.


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