The Impact

The Impact

Scientific Technologies Corporation, STC

Every year, Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) experienced the same thing most every organization goes through at renewal time: the slight angst around annual enrollment and what increases and complexities it would bring each year.

STC’s leadership aimed to elevate their culture further by focusing on a more holistic approach of employee wellbeing. Benefits were just the beginning of where they wanted to improve. Plus, despite being an innovative tech company, STC was not fully utilizing technology when it came to benefits and enrollments processes.

“Now, not only with open enrollments, but ongoing new hires and qualifying events our employees access the portal and enroll very, very easily in their benefit options,” explains Diane Stava.

“ helped us to automate our enrollment process and it’s like night and day now.”

“We met with several times during our exploration and vetting process and with each interaction we saw possibilities that hadn’t been known to us before,” says Diane. We started to think, ‘wow, what if we could manage the costs going forward? What if our expenses for benefits could be a strategic investment in our people? What if our benefits could be automated?’ It all began to look possible with’s help.”

STC switched from their longtime broker to and as a result has a better insight to cost and has added more options for employees by enriching their benefits offering.

“We aligned our benefits approach with the awesome culture STC is known for and we saw a lower renewal, which completely blew us away.”

Diane and her team now are looking ahead to integrating ideas of wellbeing, mindfulness, nutrition, bringing in new components to enrich their offering to employees to create true competitive advantage and enhance culture even further.

“When I think about what’s possible now with,” explains Diane, “my mind immediately goes to the idea of wellbeing and empowering our employees to make better decisions about their personal health and hopefully inspire healthy living in their families and those around them.”

“Our mission is to create healthier communities and we think that with, we will be doing that for our employees, helping to create a healthier community within our company.”


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