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10 Mental Health Benefits Companies Are Offering Employees

10 Mental Health Benefits Companies Are Offering Employees

What is one mental health benefit that companies are offering their employees?

To help you recognize what mental health benefits companies are offering, we asked business owners and HR professionals this question for their best insights. From offering mental health coverage to applied improvisation workshops, there are several examples of mental health benefits that your company can provide to increase overall employee satisfaction and health. 

Here are 10 mental health benefits companies are offering employees:


  • Offer Mental Health Coverage
  • Create An Employee Assistance Program With Awareness
  • Allow a Dog-friendly Office
  • Mobile Mental Health Apps 
  • Weekly Meditation Sessions
  • Paid Caregiving Leave
  • Meditation Apps at Work
  • Membership Program Discounts
  • Engage in Fun, Stress-busting Activities
  • Applied Improvisation Workshops



Offer Mental Health Coverage 

In December of 2020, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act were passed, requiring that insurance providers must make mental health coverage to be no more restrictive than the coverage for other medical conditions, and businesses have started to take advantage of this. It is now common to see companies including mental health coverage in their employees’ health care plans. These plans come with an increase in cost for employers, but most are finding it worthwhile as their workforces are healthier and more productive when given the help and treatment that they need. If possible, a business should offer a health savings account, which can assist in offsetting the out-of-pocket costs for receiving this kind of treatment. Many businesses now have an open-enrollment period where employees are able to think about their mental health needs for the future, just as they would their physical health needs.

Daniel Kane, The Ridge Wallet


Create An Employee Assistance Program With Awareness

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are designed to support the mental health of employees and it encourages them to deal with problems on the job. However, simply creating an EAP isn’t often enough. It’s equally important to create awareness surrounding the benefits of this so that employees feel more inclined to get the help they need.

Riley Beam, Douglas R. Beam, P.A.


Allow a Dog-friendly Office

Companies that are allowing a dog-friendly office have seen great improvement in their employee’s mental health. Not only does this lower stress levels, but also increases social interaction throughout the office. Workers can take time to recharge during the day to take their dog outside, which prevents burnout and potential mistakes, but also creates more positive relationships between different departments. The well-being benefit of this has a great impact on mental health and should be incorporated in more office environments.

Lance Herrington, UNICO Nutrition


Mobile Mental Health Apps

Although many companies have extensive mental health access in their benefits programs, in recognizing the need and advantages to increasing services, a greater percentage have opted to add mobile applications to enhance them. A recent study showed that mobile mental health apps have over a 60% rate of recognizing and effectively addressing mental health issues.

The advantages of these apps for businesses are multi-faceted, from privacy, to speed of treatment, to crisis management during a stressful event, and employees are increasingly utilizing these services when offered. With the increasing reliance on mobile technology, businesses are recognizing that these new mental health resources are cost-effective opportunities to not only enhance their benefits, but to make their organization more attractive to potential job candidates.

Woody Sears, Hearhere


Weekly Meditation Sessions

Weekly meditation sessions can help employees relax and recharge. Stress levels can be high in the office, especially with big projects. Meditation improves concentration and reduces work anxiety, which is extremely necessary for any size business. Consider bringing in meditation or wellness experts who can teach a class in person or virtually to help employees get through the day-to-day.

Dino Ha, Kaja Cosmetics


Paid Caregiving Leave 

As the Baby Boomer generation experiences age-related health issues, creating the dual burden on their children who now are now saddled with being caregivers as well as parents themselves, businesses have enacted paid leave for caregiving to relieve some of the mental stress. These conditions were only exacerbated by the pandemic as children were also unable to attend school, increasing caregiving needs.

Businesses, recognizing the mental health impact of such circumstances, are now offering paid leave for caregiving, paid family sick leave, flexible scheduling, and even accrued sharing paid leave, to give the time and support necessary for workers stretched to their limits. As the pandemic continues, and the workers are faced with elderly care, these benefits will become vital in dealing with the mental health problems caused by these stress issues.

Adelle Archer, Eterneva


Meditation Apps at Work

Meditations apps are quite the rage, and along with individual users, companies are catching up with the trend too. Everyone takes breaks at work to do their own thing, and when these breaks are mindful and relaxing, they help employees return to their desk rejuvenated and refreshed. In encouraging the use of meditation apps among employees, companies have discovered a new way to keep employees engaged and in good spirits.

Krista Haws, Dripped Coffee


Membership Program Discounts

I have seen companies offer wellness programs and gym membership discounts to their employees. This allows employees to take advantage of the healing and relaxation yoga classes provide. Yoga is a way for employees to build resilience, reduce anxiety and improve their mental and physical health. Program discounts for health and wellness centers that expand opportunities for employees to engage in self-care practices are a wonderful mental health benefits companies can offer.

Brandt Passalacqua, Breathing Deeply


Engage in Fun, Stress-busting Activities

Companies are finding ways to connect employees via online exercise classes and events. For example, there is a platform called Bright that lets employees attend classes like yoga together. This helps people connect with coworkers and also holds them accountable for taking care of themselves and each other. By working that into a typical workday, employers are offering opportunities to improve productivity: there are many studies that show how mindfulness and related practices improve mental health and, in turn, help productivity.

Alyssa Berman-Waugh, Level Home, Inc.


Applied Improvisation Workshops

In our firm, and with our clients, we have found that applied improvisation programs and workshops accelerate staff development and are highly effective in building rapport, trust, and connections among an office and a remote workforce. They are a key component of any corporate wellness, learning and development program. These techniques build leadership, collaboration, executive communications, and management skills. 

Theodore Klein, Boston Strategy Group


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