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6 Social Media Platforms that Offer the Most Value for Brand Engagement

6 Social Media Platforms that Offer the Most Value for Brand Engagement

6 Social Media Platforms that Offer the Most Value for Brand Engagement

When it comes to maximizing brand engagement on social media, we turned to six experts from the realms of marketing and entrepreneurship to get their insights. From the untapped audience potential of Pinterest to the professional outreach capabilities of LinkedIn, marketing directors to founders weigh in on the platforms they find most valuable for brands today.

  • Pinterest: Untapped Audience Potential
  • Instagram: Engaging Content Tools
  • Facebook: Largest User Base
  • TikTok: The Surprise Factor
  • Reddit: Engage in Niche Subreddits
  • LinkedIn: Organic Professional Outreach

Pinterest: Untapped Audience Potential

You’re potentially missing out on a large audience if you’re not using Pinterest to market your products and services. There’s still time to start. A key point is that many marketers aren’t quite sure how to effectively use Pinterest, so it often has less competition compared to popular sites like Facebook and Instagram.

A critical aspect that’s often not considered is Pinterest’s ability to direct people to online stores and brands. It’s essential now to understand the advantages of Pinterest for businesses. It’s a significant platform with over 300 million active users each month. Given that 61% of users make a purchase after seeing a promoted pin, there’s a huge opportunity for sales that might be overlooked.

Pinterest is particularly effective for driving traffic to your products and services because it’s centered around sharing and saving links. This feature lets people share your website links on their Pinterest accounts. Whether you have an online store, a business that benefits from visual advertising, or you use social media for marketing and customer acquisition, Pinterest is certainly worth considering.

Precious AbacanPrecious Abacan
Marketing Director, Softlist

Instagram: Engaging Content Tools

As simple of an answer as it might be, Instagram offers incredible value for brand engagement! Instagram has rolled out, and continues to roll out, so many different tools that allow brands to create engaging content. This is how you know they want your brand to succeed!

In the past, the scope of Instagram’s engagement tools only encompassed Instagram Stories in the form of polls, question boxes, quizzes, and more. Recently, the platform has introduced various engaging elements for in-feed content, like post captions and the comments section. Instagram’s ability to give users multiple facets in which they can incorporate engaging elements into their content sets them apart from other platforms in a significant way.

Being able to strategically place engagement tools in various places on a brand’s feed gives them the opportunity to increase their engagement without reinventing the wheel—which we all know is important for small-business owners!

Chelsea Evans-FlowerChelsea Evans-Flower
Owner, Scott Social

Facebook: Largest User Base

According to Statista, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, with over 3 billion monthly users. This indicates that 37% of the world’s population uses Facebook. Facebook Messenger, a spin-off app for direct messaging, has 931 million active monthly users.

Facebook is a pretty safe bet if you want to have a presence on social media, as over 200 million businesses—mostly small businesses—use its tools, and more than seven million advertisers actively promote their businesses there.

Almost all content formats, including text, photos, videos, and stories, function flawlessly on Facebook, making it simple. However, the Facebook algorithm gives priority to content that encourages meaningful interactions and conversations between users—especially those who are family or friends.

Axel HernborgAxel Hernborg
Founder and CEO, Tripplo

TikTok: The Surprise Factor

I think that TikTok is actually still underutilized by many brands, especially because you need to approach these platforms with a positive view of “you never know who is watching.” You might just be surprised!

Wendy MakinsonWendy Makinson
HR Manager, Joloda Hydraroll

Reddit: Engage in Niche Subreddits

I would say that Reddit offers the most opportunities for brand engagement. There are often dedicated subreddits for fans and customers of specific brands already, so a marketer just needs to go into the subreddit and engage with the posts that are already there.

Eric NovinsonEric Novinson
Founder, This Is Accounting Automation

LinkedIn: Organic Professional Outreach

We’ve found LinkedIn to be the most valuable social media platform for brand engagement. The primary reason is that LinkedIn naturally attracts our target audience—professionals in the actuarial field. Unlike other platforms, where visibility might require significant investment, LinkedIn enables us to reach a wide audience organically.

My personal posts, for instance, average over 15,000 impressions each. This level of exposure is uniquely accessible on LinkedIn, making it an ideal platform for us to connect with our audience, share insights, and build our brand presence without the high costs associated with achieving similar visibility on other social media platforms.

Dr Mark Farrell (Fia)Dr Mark Farrell (FIA)
CEO, Associate Professor & Actuary, ProActuary Jobs

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