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7 Tips for Encouraging Employees to Take Advantage of Preventative Care and Health Screenings

7 Tips for Encouraging Employees to Take Advantage of Preventative Care and Health Screenings

7 Tips for Encouraging Employees to Take Advantage of Preventative Care and Health Screenings

To help companies encourage employees to utilize preventative care and health screenings, we asked seven professionals, including CEOs and marketing managers, for their best insights. From implementing a comprehensive wellness strategy to combining education and incentives for participation, discover the top seven tips these leaders shared to maximize the benefits of your health programs.

  • Implement a Comprehensive Wellness Strategy
  • Host On-Site Health Screening Events
  • Simplify Access and Increase Awareness
  • Incorporate Health Screenings into Bonus Schemes
  • Explore Medical Tourism Opportunities
  • Leverage the Power of Testimonials
  • Combine Education and Incentives for Participation

Implement a Comprehensive Wellness Strategy

A full wellness strategy can effectively engage employees in their health. Changing health evaluations and screenings to meet the needs of each individual has proved to be effective.

Offering rewards, such as discounted insurance or gift vouchers, motivates employees to prioritize preventive care. Regular communication via emails, newsletters, and seminars emphasizes the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Developing a culture that truly cares about employee well-being has been crucial.

Our team emphasizes early detection on a consistent basis, resulting in a healthier workforce and long-term cost savings. This strategy not only improves employee health but also confirms our dedication to their well-being as a whole.

Carl PanepintoCarl Panepinto
Marketing Manager, Easy Allied Health

Host On-Site Health Screening Events

Companies can boost the utilization of preventative care by making health screenings easily accessible and promoting a culture of wellness. One effective strategy is to host regular on-site health fairs or screening events. Employees can attend screenings without taking significant time off by bringing healthcare professionals directly to the workplace.

These events can cover a range of checks, from blood pressure to cholesterol tests. Coupled with this, clear communication about the importance of early detection and the long-term benefits of preventative care is crucial. Regular reminders, testimonials, and even incentives like discounted insurance premiums or rewards can motivate employees.

Creating a workplace culture where health is prioritized and discussed openly will make employees more proactive about their well-being. In essence, the key is to combine convenience with consistent communication to drive engagement in preventative care.

Jacob MaslowJacob Maslow
Owner, Rest Equation

Simplify Access and Increase Awareness

One effective way companies can promote preventative care is by clearly communicating the benefits offered and simplifying access. Many employees overlook covered screenings or avoid scheduling due to hassle factors.

At Clark Staff, our People Management Department ensures that program details are easy to find through multiple channels, like the company intranet, email, flyers, and in-person meetings. We also make sign-ups easy through online portals, and HR assistance reduces barriers. Especially for on-site health fairs, pushing attendance through RSVPs versus walk-ins gets more participation.

The key strategy that works for us is to increase program awareness through clear, repeated messaging and facilitate access through simple registration procedures. This encourages employees to take advantage of health services that can catch issues early and improve well-being.

Ernest YapErnest Yap
Content Writer, Clark Staff

Incorporate Health Screenings into Bonus Schemes

Tie it into the year-end review process. Numerous companies have something similar in their year-end review or tied into bonus schemes. The important thing is to make sure that it is never a demerit, instead always offering additional bonuses for taking advantage of these programs.

Microsoft has been doing something similar for years, rewarding their employees for physical fitness achievements, as they were quick to grasp that healthier employees are a much better long-term investment.

Dragos BadeaDragos Badea
CEO, Yarooms

Explore Medical Tourism Opportunities

We’ve seen many companies succeed by offering preventative care and health screenings in other countries to their employees. Instead of a couple of stressful days between the local hospital and work, you give them the chance to take a couple of days off, have the check done abroad while also using a bit of spare time to explore a new country for the duration of the screening.

This is not just a benefit to employees, but also to the employer that—besides a cared-for employee—might also have considerable savings by arbitraging the countries’ differing healthcare costs. Many insurance companies support efforts like this as well.

Without a doubt, the quality of the services provided has to be ensured, but if done correctly, employers can play an active part in their employees’ well-being and health by entering the realm of medical travel and medical tourism.

Christian El-KhouriChristian El-Khouri
Head of Consulting, MESC International Patient Service GmbH

Leverage the Power of Testimonials

Using testimonials has been a powerful method for our company to encourage employees to take advantage of preventative care. We found that when employees hear authentic stories from their peers; it resonates more.

So, we started a campaign where colleagues shared their positive experiences with health screenings and how it impacted their lives. These testimonials weren’t just in emails; we included them in our monthly newsletters, posted them in the break room, and even had short video clips at team meetings.

The response was amazing. Hearing from a coworker about how a simple screening caught a health issue early made many realize the importance of these benefits. They thought, “If it helped them, it might help me too.” Plus, it took away some of the fear or hesitation about the process.

Irina PoddubnaiaIrina Poddubnaia
CEO, Founder, TrackMage

Combine Education and Incentives for Participation

One effective way to encourage employees to take advantage of preventative care and health screenings through benefits programs is by implementing a proactive communication strategy. This strategy highlights the importance of these services and their positive impact on overall well-being. Regularly educate your employees about the benefits of preventive care, how it can identify potential health issues early, and ultimately lead to healthier and more productive lives. Send out informative emails, host workshops or webinars, and provide easily accessible resources that explain the various preventive services available and how to access them.

To make it even more compelling, consider offering incentives or rewards for employees who participate in preventive care activities. For instance, you could provide wellness-program points or discounts on health insurance premiums for those who complete recommended health screenings or check-ups.

Sai BlackbyrnSai Blackbyrn
CEO, Coach Foundation

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