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How to Address the Challenge of Employee Health Benefit Literacy

How to Address the Challenge of Employee Health Benefit Literacy

How to Address the Challenge of Employee Health Benefit Literacy

To enhance employee understanding and use of health benefits, we’ve gathered insights from CEOs and Managing Directors, among other experts. From avoiding overwhelming employees during enrollment to initiating informal benefit chats, explore the five strategies these professionals recommend for addressing employee health benefit literacy.

  • Avoid Overwhelm During Enrollment
  • Communicate Benefit Details Clearly
  • Offer Monthly Information Sessions
  • Host Quarterly Interactive Workshops
  • Initiate Informal Benefit Chats

Avoid Overwhelm During Enrollment

Too often, companies bombard employees with information during open enrollment, only to leave them to fend for themselves for the rest of the year. This approach simply doesn’t work. Benefits are complex, and employees need ongoing support to understand and utilize them effectively.

Instead, I recommend creating a year-round communication strategy that breaks down complex information into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces. This could include regular emails, webinars, or lunch-and-learn sessions that highlight specific benefits, explain how to use them, and share real-world examples of how they’ve helped other employees.

For instance, one company I worked with created a series of short, animated videos explaining different aspects of their health plan. These videos were shared on the company intranet and social media channels, making them easily accessible to employees. The videos were not only informative but also engaging and fun, which helped to increase employee understanding and utilization of their benefits.

Alex CorniciAlex Cornici
Director of Marketing, Awesome Hibachi

Communicate Benefit Details Clearly

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is ensuring employees understand their health benefits. At LawsuitLoans, we realized that clear communication is crucial. We held workshops where we explained benefits in simple terms. These sessions allowed employees to ask questions and better understand their options.

It’s important to provide written materials that employees can refer to later. We created easy-to-read guides that broke down complex information. Employees appreciated having something they could review at their own pace, and this approach significantly increased their understanding and use of benefits.

Jared SternJared Stern
Managing Member, Uplift Legal Funding

Offer Monthly Information Sessions

As CEO of Parachute, I learned that employees often feel overwhelmed by the complexity of health benefits. Simplifying and breaking the information into digestible pieces can significantly improve understanding. At Parachute, we implemented monthly information sessions where our HR team explained different aspects of the health benefits in plain language.

In addition to regular communication, offering one-on-one consultations can greatly enhance benefit literacy. We found that personalized sessions helped address individual concerns and questions. Employees appreciated the opportunity to discuss their specific needs and receive tailored advice.

Elmo TaddeoElmo Taddeo
CEO, Parachute

Host Quarterly Interactive Workshops

At Tech Advisors, we faced a similar challenge. Our team needed help understanding the full scope of their health benefits, leading to underutilization and frustration. To address this, we implemented quarterly workshops that provided detailed explanations of each benefit, practical usage scenarios, and one-on-one Q&A sessions.

When we launched these workshops, I saw an immediate improvement. An employee came to me, expressing how they finally understood their health plan and used it to cover a much-needed medical procedure. The personal interaction in these workshops was key, allowing employees to ask specific questions and receive tailored advice. It fostered a supportive environment where they felt comfortable discussing their concerns.

Konrad MartinKonrad Martin
CEO, Tech Advisors

Initiate Informal Benefit Chats

As a business owner, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is for our team to fully understand and use their health benefits. It hit me when I noticed that despite offering these benefits, not many of our employees were making the most of them.

The game-changer for us was implementing regular, informal chats about these benefits. We started doing this during team meetings and sometimes during lunch breaks. These weren’t just dry presentations. We made them interactive, with lots of examples so everyone could really grasp what’s available to them and how to access services.

It made such a difference just breaking down the information barrier in a relaxed, friendly environment. Employees started asking questions, sharing their experiences, and really getting the hang of using their health benefits. This approach not only helped our team make better use of their benefits but also fostered a stronger, more caring company culture.

Danilo MirandaDanilo Miranda
Managing Director, Presenteverso

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