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6 Ways HR is Using Tech To Modernize Benefits

6 Ways HR is Using Tech To Modernize Benefits

How is HR using technology to modernize and improve employee benefits?

To help you maximize technology to modernize employee benefits, we asked HR managers and business leaders this question for their best insights. From automating payroll processes to monitoring employee engagement with VOE analytics, there are several ways you may leverage technology to best manage employee benefits for improved outcomes.

Here are six ways HR is using tech to modernize benefits:

  • Automate Payroll Processes
  • Digitize Health Plan Credentials for Easier Access
  • Create a Hybrid Workplace
  • Analyze Performance Management
  • Improve Employee Productivity With Adaptive Learning
  • Monitor Employee Engagement With VOE Analytics


Automate Payroll Process

Payroll preparation is one of the most onerous responsibilities of the human resources department since no one wants to tamper with other people’s money. As a result, many employees look forward to their paychecks, unknowing that their HR colleagues spend hours preparing their company’s payroll accurately and on time. In addition to the day-to-day tasks, this is an additional burden.  In terms of boosting the efficiency of HR departments, payroll software is likely to be the most effective.

Ayman Zaidi, GreatPeopleSearch


Digitize Health Plan Credentials for Easier Access

One way technology modernizes employee benefits is by digitizing health plan credentials for easier access. For many employees, a doctor or dentist appointment is as easy as opening an app. Everything that used to take weeks to manually input between HR and finance is now all in one easy-to-access phone app. Additionally, apps keep employee services in one place for simple access as well.

Sasha Ramani, MPOWER Financing


Create a Hybrid Workplace

Strong internet connectivity, powerful computers and video conferencing equipment are ways HR uses technology to modernize and improve employee benefits. A hybrid environment allows employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance that greatly reduces stress and anxiety. The right technology and setups allow HR to establish a robust hybrid workplace that allows shift changes amongst the workers.

Gisera Mantada, WeLoans


Analyze Performance Management

If you work in an organization where employees are offered benefits and rewards for their performance, introducing technology to analyze their performance might be a good way to identify the most deserving employee. Technology is not biased and considers many things. Introducing this will make employees feel appreciated for their work and increase job satisfaction.

Ivy Bosibori, USBadCreditLoans


Improve Employee Productivity With Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning is an artificial intelligence software used by HR to improve employees’ productivity. Each employee has their own level of interest, understanding, and adaptability. Adaptive learning focuses on this very idea to provide each employee with a set of training data that they actually need. As an artificial intelligence software, it takes input from employees, analyzes it, and shows the best methods of improvement on the basis of their interests. Its sole purpose is to motivate employees and enhance their productivity level.

Huzaifa Ahsan, FindPeopleFirst


Monitor Employee Engagement With VOE Analytics

Voice of Employee analytics is the modern technology for employee benefits. HR technology is the application of emerging technology, and Voe analytics is one of the best technologies to monitor employee engagement. HR teams are now increasingly using this technique.

Voice of employee analytics tools helps HR personnel to analyze employee engagement surveys to figure out the issues of employees. It also helps to know the informal employee communication channels to get important insights into employee satisfaction. Voe analytics enable HR to take corrective action swiftly and help to avoid unnecessary attrition. This artificial intelligence technology provides an understanding of employee satisfaction and enables employment development and retention.

Shivanshi Srivastava, PaydayLoansUK



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