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5 Ways HR Leaders Support New Employee Experience Transformations

5 Ways HR Leaders Support New Employee Experience Transformations

As an HR leader, what is one way you are transforming/supporting the new employee experience?

To help you with ways to transform the new employee experience, we asked HR managers this question for their best ideas. From offering mental health days to making the employees feel at home, there are several ways HR leaders may support new employees to smoothly settle into their roles and feel they are part of the company.

Here are five ways HR leaders can support the new employee experience:

  • Offer Mental Health Days
  • Support Mentorship
  • Offer Fun Internal Onboarding Experience
  • Encourage Cross-Departmental Collaboration.
  • Make The Employees Feel at Home


Offer Mental Health Days

Mental health awareness is extremely important and must be incorporated in any benefits plan. Something as simple as a mental health days shows employees that their health should always come first. We want workers to show up to the office feeling their best, and if they don’t, we want to help. Mental health days allow workers to recharge and refocus, which is essential in the employee experience.

Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra


Support Mentorship

One way to support the new employee experience is to partner them with an older employee as a mentor so they have guidance as they start their job. The official mentoring lasts through the probationary period of three months but the friendship lasts throughout both careers. It’s good for a new employee to have something they can trust to go to with everyday problems instead of trying to navigate all the official rules and politics.

Steve Mascarin, Taunton Village Dental


Offer Fun Internal Onboarding Experience

At MyPerfectResume, we support our new employees by offering them a fun onboarding experience. Our goal is to use different methods as a part of our extended onboarding tailored to the employees’ needs. As it is crucial to facilitate interactions between newbies and current team members, we want our new employees to get a chance to socialize with other coworkers. These interactions are essential when some employees work in a remote or hybrid setup. One of the tools we use is our internal onboarding game. New employees are encouraged to communicate with various team members to get their answers for the game. Questions are related to the company, its history, milestones, and employees. Such an experience facilitates relationship building within teams and adds an element of fun to the onboarding.

Dorota Lysienia, MyPerfectResume


Encourage Cross-Departmental Collaboration

New company culture is created as a result of this. With HR in charge, we encourage cross-departmental collaboration, which has helped several firms achieve more internal alignment. We obtain a feel of employee sentiment quickly and consistently through pulse surveys between employees and HR, which serve as a streamlined tool for pulling larger organizational patterns.

Gisera Matanda, WeLoans


Make The Employees Feel at Home

New employees know almost nothing about their new job, their colleagues, or the tasks they need to do. HR leaders should support their new staff by offering guidance to the new staff. They should focus on the employee and show that they are appreciated and welcomed in the organization. This includes educating them on the organization’s history, mission and vision and answering any questions they may have.

Ivy Bosibori, USBadCreditLoans



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