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How 4 Companies Turned Classic Holiday Activities Into Holiday Perks for Employees

Tis’ the season to be jolly! With the holiday season quickly approaching, companies are gearing up for a month full of themed activities. From holiday parties, to service activities, to gifts, companies often play the role of “parents” during the month of December, thinking of create ways to excite and reward their employees, the “kids” in this scenario.

These four companies took the traditional holiday perks for employees to the next level. Here’s how:

Holiday Bonus, Secret Agent Style

On one fateful December day, Tony Hartl strolled into his company, Planet Tan, with a metal briefcase in hand. After calling his employees into a special meeting, he opened the metal briefcase in front of everyone. The case, was brimming with cash! Hartl then proceeded to give each of his 17 employees a stack of 10 $100 bills. There’s something about holding cold, hard cash in your hand that just feels… good.

Many companies give their employees annual holiday bonuses. While receiving money in any form can be exciting, why not get creative in the way you give employees their bonus?

Giving to the Community, Shopping Style

Online writing community encouraged employees to get into the holiday spirit by giving them their own responsibility: shopping for toys! The company gave each employee $200 to spend on gifts for children for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. The program allows people to purchase gifts for children who may not get anything for Christmas otherwise.

Giving employees the opportunity to give with their company in a hands-on way allows them to feel like they’re truly giving back. Writing a large check in the company’s name is one thing. But, getting the whole company involved makes for a more active, intentional and rewarding giving experience.

Cherishing Memories With Loved Ones, Company Style

There’s nothing like sitting around with loved ones, munching on cookies and sipping hot chocolate while rummaging through family photo albums! Louisiana-based building company Fibrebond brings this warm, holiday nostalgia to the office by compiling an annual yearbook. Coworkers can contribute to the book throughout the year, sharing their favorite recipes, fun photos and memories.The company distributes the yearbook to its employees during the holiday season. The goal is to make the yearbook feel like a family photo album that documents and celebrates the company’s employees.

Why not celebrate the holidays in the office with a little family-inspired flair?

Gifts Galore, Raffle Style

It’s always nice to receive gifts during the holidays! Runyon, Saltzman and Einhorn, a Sacramento-based marketing and public relations agency, plays “Santa Claus” for it’s employees, cashing in it’s credit card points to purchase raffle prizes for employees. Everyone receives a gift from the raffle. Past prizes have included plane tickets, hotel stays, gift baskets and iPhones!

Spice up your company’s gift-giving traditions by finding a creative way to distribute the gifts!

While on the surface, holiday perks may not seem like a major priority, the truth is, employees appreciate when their employers make an effort to celebrate and recognize them. Working year-round can be grueling. Incorporating fun holiday activities and perks into the traditional workday is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Tis’ the season for giving! helps companies create customized, all-inclusive benefits and perks packages. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you prioritize your company culture and take care of your employees.

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