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The Benefits Of Having A Strategic Employee Benefits Consultant

The Benefits Of Having A Strategic Employee Benefits Consultant

Having a strategic employee benefits consultant is important for your bottom line, well-being of employees and future of your business. CEOs today need to think differently about benefits than they have in the past, because the way a CEO handles benefits and overall employee well-being has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Having a strategic employee benefits consultant is the first step in this process. Why?

Cost savings

The straight benefit of having a strategic employees benefits consult is that it saves you money. With benefits traditionally being the second or third most expensive line item for employers, the amount of money a consultant could save you or redirect in the right way, is significant. Having a strategic consultant to help develop a long-term benefit plan means that CEOs can effectively forecast their cost, as well as find ways to decrease it.


Many CEOs and executives are not engaged in the long-term planning of employee benefits and wellness. While the majority of CEOs manage benefit plans on a year to year basis, this approach is a detriment to an organization’s bottom line and its ability to retain top talent. If you’re not laying out a long-term benefits strategy, you’re not going to build sustainability in your organization. A consultant allows you to plan ahead. Instead of approaching benefits once a year and letting it go, a consult helps you to plan five years in advance, allowing you to implement a benefits plan that works and will continue to, in the future.


Unlike many insurance brokers who just base a benefits plan around the amount your company wants (or can) spend on insurance,  we bring an understanding of the business that allows clear communication. At, our entire team understands the business, that is, both the financial side from a company’s perspective, as well as a benefits side. We know how profit and loss works, and we create a plan that combines your financial need with the future goals of your company. This is the benefit that we bring to you.


Combining hard benefits with the overall health and wellbeing of employees is what we do. Not only do we create a benefits plan that integrates business goals with the benefits you are offering, but we strive to create an all-encompassing wellness plan that works for employees now, and in the future. As healthcare options become more transparent, there are going to be a lot of solutions that empower individuals to become better consumers and take control of their healthcare. Instead of enforcing wellness programs, companies should offer a multitude of resources and let individuals craft their own journey for self improvement.

Some of the wellness programs we provide include:

60 Seconds to Health

The 60 Seconds to Health series provides motivating tips to use and apply immediately. Tips focus on actionable ways to improve overall well-being and be a savvy healthcare consumer.

Rest, Fuel and Go

Rest, Fuel and Go 90-day program encourages healthy behaviors that help people thrive professionally and personally.

21-Day Meditation Challenge

The data is in; meditation is life-changing. We make it easy to start and maintain a meditation practice. We provide a short, daily guided meditation to relax and focus the mind.

If you’re not laying out a long-term benefits strategy, you’re not going to build sustainability in your organization. To successfully do this, you need a strategic employee benefits consultant. When humans thrive, companies prosper. Learn more at

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