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Most Unique Employee Benefits (And Why They Work)

The key to unlocking your employees’ full potential is in understanding what they need and want from an office culture and providing it. These companies have done some serious digging to find out their employee’s values and make those values benefits offered by their companies. Here are some of the most unique employee benefits and why they work for the employees they are provided to.

Cash for Cardio

Zeus Legal Funding believes that the physical health and wellness of employees promotes their best self and best work. Beyond offering every employee a free gym membership, the company also gives employees cash for taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Jesse Harrison, founder and CEO, says, “We believe more healthy individuals are happier individuals, and happier individuals are better workers.”

Music Room

GreenPal, commonly referred to as the “Uber for lawn mowing,” has mastered the technique of providing benefits that are valuable to its employees. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, this company offers all employees access to a music room.

“Most of our employees are either musicians or play music for fun,”

Gene Caballero, CEO of GreenPal says. “ Playing an instrument has been scientifically proven to engage practically every area of the brain at once especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices.  The brain is a muscle and learning and playing music is like a full body workout strengthens those brain functions, allowing us to apply that strength to other activities….like creativity.”

Power Pairs

Power Digital Marketing offers a mentorship program that pairs diverse employees together and enables them to share personal expertise on a peer-to-peer level for 3 months.

“Recognizing our team’s thirst for knowledge and desire to have access to opportunities to grow in the workplace, the partners put their heads together and created Power Pairs,”Amanda Windsor, PR and outreach manager of Power Digital Marketing, says.“This program sharpens employees’ skill sets, forges deeper and more meaningful work relationships and takes the company to the next level!”

Beyond the wealth of information employees receive from this benefit, the “winning” pair also gets a bonus of $1,000.

Creativity Vacation

Epic “appreciates creative people at their best,” and allows employees to go on a “creativity vacation” to keep up this skill. Every 5 years, employees can travel to any country they want for their selected creativity holiday. In turn, Epic will cover all costs of travel and living. Employees also get to choose one person to take with them on their search for creativity.

Desk Side Veggies, an online marketing company for cars, takes employee health seriously. This company, based in Burlington, Vermont, offers its employees desk-side veggie delivery and subsidized organic “Dot Calm Cafe” drinks.

Workout Around-The-Clock

Reebok is highly focused on employee’s physical health, and many employees have a hobby centered around being active. The company offers a “CrossFit Box,” where about 600 employees work-outs during the week between 6am and 6pm. The company also offers Campus Fitness Days, which include exercises like hiking, dancing and yoga.

Democracy Days

This company offers “democracy days.”

That is, the company allows employees to take 2 days off throughout the year to participate in democracy. The hard definition of what this means is completely up to the employee. As a result, they are to use these democracy days however they feel fit to do so.

Luggage Party

Freeborn and Peters offers employees an annual ‘luggage party.’  

During this party, employees show up to the office with a fully packed suitcase. A lucky few are randomly selected to go on completely paid trip.

Providing innovative benefits that are valuable to your employees is a very important key to success. When humans thrive, companies prosper. Learn more at

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