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5 Ways Tech Companies Can Enhance Human Performance

Every employee brings a set of unique skills and professional capabilities to your organization. Most companies, especially those in the technology field, are reliant on their employees’ talent and industry knowledge. Unfortunately, the repetitive nature of corporate life can burnout even the most motivated employees. By proactively investing in your company culture and management practices, employers can prevent losing their greatest asset- their employees. For five simple changes you can make to enhance performance and reduce burnout, keep reading!

Seeking Employee Feedback

This idea may seem simple, but many companies still don’t do it! If one wants to know how they can better their company culture, they should simply ask their employees what they can do better. Your workers can tell you firsthand what improvements they would like to see within the company. Be specific in what you ask! Also consider using a confidential medium to gather feedback: such as an anonymized form. This way, your employees will feel more comfortable being honest and will provide more valuable feedback.

Moreover, it is important that you receive feedback regularly. Because the workplace is a dynamic environment, new challenges will develop constantly. Make sure you are addressing them when they happen and as they happen!

Remove Motivation Roadblocks

To ensure your employees really thrive, you must remove any roadblocks that damage their motivation. Toxic employees, no opportunities for advancement, and lack of recognition are all things that can make your employees feel uninspired. Take stock of the factors in your company that may be holding your workers back! Address them head on – even if it’s as simple as saying “thank you” more often.

One major roadblock that hinders motivation is the physical environment itself. Placing employees in dark, lonely cubicles is one of the biggest design falls- because let’s be real, it can feel like a prison. Ensure your office allows employees to move around, is well organized, and of course is kept spic and span!

Provide Opportunities for Career Development

No one likes to feel like they’re stuck in a dead-end job or in a professional rut. It is important to provide your employees with opportunities to grow in order to better your organization and your employee’s skills. You can do this by providing stipends to offset career education, giving access to professional conferences, and challenging them to learn new skills.

An easy way to implement this is to make career development mandatory to receive promotions and raises. This way, employees are pushed to take advantage of these opportunities and never settle on their skills simply being “good enough”.

Use Technology That Maximizes Productivity

Technological tools can help your company enhance human performance, but when used without a clear purpose, they can also significantly sabotage your employees’ productivity. In order to determine whether your tools are truly helping your employees, you should perform a close audit. By doing so, you can evaluate the value of these tools and either continue using them, replace them, or remove them all together.

Of course, as technology companies know, programs and processes are improved on a daily basis. Perhaps updating your software or equipment is all it takes to help increase the productivity of your employees.

Stop Micromanaging and Foster a Culture of Trust

Anxiety over meeting goals and other metrics often times compels managers to hover over their employees. As one could imagine, this is extremely discouraging! Micromanagement implies that employees are not trusted to do their work efficiently or correctly. The best way to foster a culture of trust is to discourage micromanagement, promote remote work (wherever it’s feasible), and believe that your employees are capable of performing the job they were hired to do.

By having a clear vision of a truly productive workforce and an actionable plan to achieve it, you can ensure that your employees will always remain satisfied, engaged, and performing at their personal best.

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