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How Workplace Wellness Helps Recruiting

When it comes to attracting the best talent, your company needs to do more than offer a great salary. This generation of employees, referred to as millennials, are known to value happiness and professional fulfillment over pay when comparing job offers. In order to come out on top, it is imperative that your company offers a comprehensive wellness program that will better the well-being of your employees. By investing in programs that support this, you will appeal to two major values millennials hold dear: work-life balance and health.

Work Life Balance

More than ever, employees are focused on leading a life with balance. The last thing they want is to be chained to their desk and miss out on important life experiences. By offering perks that support the concept of work life balance, you are likely to be more appealing to potential employees. Why? By doing so, candidates feel that your company cares about more than just making money. It shows you care about the happiness of your employees. To sweeten the deal, let’s not forget that happy employees are more productive and motivated than their unhappy counterparts.

There are many simple ways you can promote work life balance within your company! The key to picking which perks you will offer comes down to the way you want to structure your company. Consider adding benefits like remote work, flexible scheduling, extra vacation days, or childcare services for your employees. Perks like these keep employees from sacrificing their personal life for work! Within this generation, that goes a long way.


It is widely documented that millennials value their health more than previous generations. In fact, Forbes states that 95% of millennials care deeply about their health. This is an overwhelming number that can’t be ignored. When one is evaluating health, it is imperative to account for both physical and mental health. With employee burnout at an all time high and student loans weighing on recent graduates, many young professionals struggle with their mental health. This coupled with millennials often not having time to exercise due to long work hours greatly affects their physical well being as well.

The best way to help your employees stay healthy and happy is to invest in additional perks. For many, the first thing that comes to mind is gym memberships, but we urge you to think bigger! In order to be competitive you need something special. Consider offering classes that focus on stress management, financial success, or overall mental health. Not only are these benefits unique, but they show your employees that they are valuable to you and that you care deeply for them.

Overall, workplace well-being is quickly becoming a norm in the business world. The landscape is changing and companies who don’t keep up will lose. If you truly want to recruit the best talent, your company should invest in a holistic wellness program to show future and current employees that they are special.

About The Author

Jon Schneider is an executive recruiter in Phoenix and the founder of The Recruiterie.

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