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A New Way of Thinking About your Wellbeing Strategy

We’re seeing a major shift in mindset that’s beginning to spread more among innovative HR leaders and CEOs: A rethink on your employee wellbeing strategy from “wellbeing” to “human performance”. And from “physical wellbeing” to “mental wellbeing”. 

Today, most employee wellbeing strategies only address the physical health of their employees.

Gym membership discounts, blood pressure testing or adding fruit next to the candy bowls.

It’s a start.

But promoting health and wellbeing is about much more than that. It’s about creating an environment that promotes healthy living, less stress and absenteeism, and inspires an engaged and joyful workforce. 

So, your strategy needs to align with your organization’s culture and values while also offering avenues for people to boost their physical, social, financial and, most importantly these days, their mental wellbeing. 

We see mental wellbeing as being THE GAMECHANGER to human performance. 

Three steps to an organizational rethink :

1) Reframe how you see wellbeing 

2) Build a long-term strategic plan

3) Get C-suite buy-in as soon as you possibly can. 

Senior-level support for the strategy can help to create a wellbeing, high-performing culture that aligns to culture AND operations.

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