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This is How You Win the Race for Talent

If you’re a CEO or head of HR in a high-growth sector like tech or really any sector where knowledge matters, you’re in a race for talent like never before. Most companies will pull from the same bag of tricks, at the top of which are a competitive salary and a killer title.

Add in a ping pong table. Check.

Donuts every Monday and Keurig coffee on constant flow. Check

Throw in pizza and a Best Places to Work award for good measure, and you think you’re golden. Check and check.

But what’s changing is that people want something different.

They want more than the steady paycheck, free soda, and stock options.

One deeper look at your people and you will see it’s much simpler than that.

> People want to feel good.

> They want to feel healthy.

> They want a clear head.

> They want to be able to focus.

> They want balance and to enjoy their life.

> They want to know that in a family health crisis, their kids will be covered.

> They want time for childbirth, soccer practice and parent- teacher conferences.

> They want to pay off student loans faster.

> They want to feel productive and great.

> They want to know that their boss and their workplace is thinking about them and their needs.

What we realized is that all people really want is to feel cared about. To feel like they belong.

And when an employee feels this from their employer, like they are seen, heard and valued, that person shows up energized, ready to work hard and get sh%t done. In turn, this inspires others to do the same.

Then what you have is a company that makes real and measurable gains.

Because in the battle for market share and growth, these are the more valuable companies that win. Their employees are most engaged, happier, more productive. The companies that win invest in their people with intention and they care, bringing their resources and creativity forth.

It’s not just for the Googles of the world anymore. When it’s missing in your company, people jump ship to find it elsewhere. It’s time to show you care.

That care starts at the foundational level with employee benefits, and builds from there in everything a company does in programs, investment, leadership and care and feeding of a culture of happy, secure, high-performing humans.

This is how you win the race for talent.







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