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Benefits and Values: A Look Into How The Honest Company Aligns Them

The idea that companies can and should offer employee benefits and perks that align with their values is gaining ground. Now, it’s not uncommon to find companies thinking beyond the traditional benefits, like 401Ks and health insurance.

Getting creative about how to connect employees to the company’s values can be fun and incredibly rewarding. You don’t have to be the biggest, most established company to begin thinking along these lines. Taking time now to be intentional about aligning benefits and values will have you reaping a consistent harvest of happy, loyal, motivated employees.

The Honest Company prides itself on being a healthy lifestyle brand committed to making safe, responsible, accessible and effective products. The company, founded by actress Jessica Alba, also values educating it’s customers and community.

The company’s mission statement says this:

We’re a wellness brand with values rooted in consciousness, community, transparency and design. And we’re on a mission to empower people to live happy, healthy lives. Every day and in every way, we hold ourselves to an Honest standard. Because we believe that what you put on, in and around your body matters. A lot.

Here’s a look at some of the perks and benefits The Honest Company offers it’s employees that align with its values:


Employees get to participate in monthly company-wide volunteer activities organized by The Honest Company’s Social Goodness Department. In addition, the company matches dollars to every hour employees volunteer with organizations outside of work. Clearly, social consciousness and social goodness permeate the company culture.


The Honest Company prioritizes community in the workplace by encouraging celebration and fun regularly. Employees can attend quirky social events to hang out with their fellow employees. From parking lot concerts, to carnivals, to ping-pong tournaments and Crock-pot wars, The Honest Company makes sure employees have something fun to look forward to eery month! The company also believes in celebrating the “tiny moments,” hosting birthday festivities, baby showers and team happy hours.


It makes sense that a company with the word “Honest” in it’s name would value transparency! One way this plays out is through The Honest Company’s health and wellness initiatives. The company offers subsidies for gym memberships or reimburses employees for their plans. Additionally, the company keeps its kitchens fully stocked with healthy snacks and beverages. (Guess you won’t find your favorite soda-pop or Cheetos there!) From on-tap sparkling water, to freshly fruit and veggies, to weekly Kombucha deliveries, The Honest Company honestly wants it’s employees to live their healthiest lives.


You can never underestimate the role a space’s vibe and design can play in how employees feel at work! The Honest Company’s headquarters look like a “Pinterest board come to life.” The building features recreational rooms with ping-pong tables and cornhole setups, relaxing spaces with couches and newspapers, live plants, lots of natural light and collaborative workspaces. Working in a beautiful, uplifting space that encourages productivity and collaboration gets employees excited to come to work. It can also help them hone into their work and place the cares of their everyday lives on pause while in the space.

The Honest Company keeps their values at the forefront of the perks and benefits they offer their employees. And, the stats are in! 94% of employees said the company had a great atmosphere and 83% say it has great rewards according to a survey taken by the Great Place to Work Institute. 

We at believe benefits don’t have to be boring. We love partnering with companies to create custom, personalized benefits packages that align with their company’s culture and are sure to keep their employees happy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reap the benefits of an amazing employee benefits package.

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