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Benefits For Remote Employees: Lessons From Buffer 

The number of remote employees is growing. Fast. As the workplace changes, employees are creating demand for more flexible schedules. Telecommuting used to be seen as a thing some companies did. The concept of not going into an office daily was strange for some, but soon, the term telecommuting, or working-from-home became commonplace.

Now, some companies are going entirely remote with employees working from places all over the country and often, the world. This brings a new slew of challenges for companies as they try to cater to the needs of remote and non remote workers.

While it may seem like people who prefer a less traditional work style may not care about the traditional, “stuffy” employee benefits, the opposite is true. These individuals also want be supported and motivated by benefits and perks from their job. Telecommuting may seem like the biggest perk of all, but companies embracing remote workers have created all kinds of creative benefits for these employees.

Buffer is no exception. The social media management company has a fully distributed team, with 72 employees spread throughout the world.

Office perks like ping pong table or a kitchen stocked with tasty snacks and drinks are out of the question.

Still, the company gives intentional, value-based benefits and perks to it’s employees around the world.

Free Kindle Books and a Fitness Tracker

One of Buffer’s values is self-improvement. All employees get a free Kindle and free, unlimited Kindle books when they join the team. They also receive a fitness tracker bracelet that monitors their steps and their sleep. Team members join an app to see one another’s progress and have virtual “water cooler” discussions about how they’re improving.


While employees may not gather in an office regularly, they can still feel a part of the company. Literally. Employees are eligible to own stock in the company and become part-owners.

Learning & Development Stipend

Back to that good ol’ self-improvement value! Buffer employees receive a small stipend from the company to use towards any course or training they choose. The company says the stipend helps encourage employees to be their best selves.

Unlimited Time-Off

It may seem intuitive that a company that allows employees to live and work from wherever they choose would allow them to take as much time off as they choose. That intuition is correct. Buffer encourages employees to give themselves a break regularly.

Work Remotely

This is arguably the most best perk on the list. Buffer employees can literally work from anywhere they choose. Some employees cited traveling the world while working for Buffer. Others say they feel more productive working at home. In a blog post on the company’s website, employees wrote that the freedom to work remotely feels like the future. They say that in a few years, the company’s setup will be commonplace.

Retreats Around The World

We’re not talking your average hotel convergence or retreat by the lake. (Though those are great options!). Buffer employees attend annual International retreats. They’ve been held in Madrid, Spain, Cape Town, South Africa, and New York City.

While a fully remote model may not be a great fit for everyone, flexible work options can be incorporated into any company.

These perks excite Buffer employees. What do your employees need? At Beni.ift, we believe employee benefits are a great way for companies to communicate their values. We partner with companies to create creative, comprehensive benefits packages customized to their unique needs. Let us show you just how powerful benefits can be in keeping your employees happy, healthy and loyal. Contact us today.

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