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6 Benefits to Keep Employees Active: Lessons from Tech Companies

Let’s face it, as technology advances, employees spend more and more time sitting at desks, using technology to do their jobs. While having a plush, cushiony chair can help make 8 hour days sitting down more comfortable, employers recognize they need to prioritize holistic wellness in their employees and encourage them to stay active.

The tech industry has been a pioneer in pushing employees to be active, coming up with creative incentives to motivate employees to get moving. From making exercise equipment incredibly accessible, to taking some of the financial burden of gym memberships, to creating health competition, technology companies are making moves to create a strong, healthy workforce.

Here’s a look at 6 creative benefits to keep employees active:

Free Gym Memberships

Asana, a San Francisco based tech company that has an application to help teams track their work, gives all employees free gym memberships at a nearby gym. One of the company’s co-founders, Dustin Moskovitz co-founded Facebook, where he focused on improving employee productivity. The man knows a thing or two about how to keep and create happy, healthy, motivated employees!

On-site Wellness Coach

Software company Kronos Incorporated makes sure their employees have no excuse not to prioritize their own wellness; they provide an on-site wellness coach. Employees can receive guidance from an expert free of charge. The coach meets one-on-one with any interesting employees to coach them on nutrition, exercise, chronic disease management, and stress management.

Corporate Sports Teams

Employees who left their dream of being a professional athlete behind in middle school get a second chance to strike, kick, and run down the court at San Francisco- based Moogsoft. Employees can join the kickball, volleyball or flag football teams, which compete in local leagues. Players can get out of the office, bond with their coworkers and break a sweat!

Online wellness challenges and online events

Nothing gets the heart racing and motivation activated like a little bit of healthy competition. Job website Indeed encourages employees to participate in fun online wellness challenges and onsite events. Participants earn points towards incentives for participating. Indeed also provides staff with free one-on-one wellness consultations and coaching webinar programs, giving workers the tools they need to reach their wellness goals.

Catering to employees who walk or bike to work

Vacation rental company HomeAway caters to employees who walk or bike to work with bike lockers, onsite showers and discounts. This simple gesture shows employees who don’t drive to work that their company will take care of them. The perks also demonstrate that the company appreciates sustainable transportation choices.

Paycheck Credits for meeting healthy standards

At Intuit Inc., it pays to be healthy. Literally. The finance software company encourages employees to stay in shape by letting healthy employees earn up to $2,470 in paycheck credits. To get this perk, employees must meet healthy weight, cholesterol and blood pressure standards. The company hosts state-of-the-art on site fitness centers. Additionally, employees can receive up to $650 a year in reimbursement for gym memberships, personal trainers or sports lessons.

Giving employees incentives to live an active lifestyle doesn’t have to break your bank. Companies of all sizes can find creative ways to take responsibility for their workforce’s health. We at believe benefits should be fun and fit your vision for the company. We can help you craft the perfect benefits package for your company so you can start building and retaining a productive, happy and sustainable workforce. Contact us today to get started.

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