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7 Amazing Benefits for Working Parents

It’s hard being a working parent. Between giving your all to your career and giving your all to your family, balance can be hard to find.

Companies can support their employees with children with a variety of creative benefits. With a few edge perks you can show your team that it’s okay to prioritize being a good parent.

The truth is, while maternity and paternity leave are wonderful, allowing new parents to give their full attention to their newborn, there’s times throughout parenthood where you wish you had some extra time to be there for your children.

These companies have found a way to offer great benefits for working parents. Be inspired!

Paid-Time Off for Kid’s School Field Trips

 Mattel, Inc. has to be devoted to the happiness of its employees’ children since, as a major toy manufacturer, generating the happiness is a major focus of the business. To that end, the company offers all employees 16 hours of paid time off for any school-related absences, such as parent-teacher conferences or accompanying gather child on a field trip.

Child-care search help, discounts for nanny placement services and priority access at Bright Horizons child care centers

Google is known for having innovative, comprehensive benefits that would make anyone drool with desire. Outside of offering extensive maternity and paternity leave, the company provides a $500 stipend for takeout meals during the first three months of parenthood. The tech giant also offers one-on-one consultations to help parents locate the best child care and discounts for nanny placement services. Not to mention, employees receive priority access to Bright Horizons child care centers throughout the country. Sound like a parents dream?

On-site after school programs and kindergarten classes

The children of Campbell Soup employees can learn their ABC’s as their mommies and daddies work with on-site kindergarten classes and after school programs. Additionally, the company offers summer programs for children.

Concierge service for errand assistance

Johnson & Johnson employees get special assistance with day-to-day tasks. They can take advantage of concierge services to help make sure they pick up their laundry and get everything on their grocery list right on time.

Bring-along-your-baby and company school buses

 Even with paid maternity leave, breastfeeding mothers may struggle to keep their babies fed while traveling for work. Patagonia allows breastfeeding mothers to bring their baby with them when they travel. They can also bring along a family member or caregiver from the company’s child-care center. And the best part? Patagonia pays or it all.

School-aged kids are on the company’s radar as well. Patagonia provides company buses to deliver kids from local schools to the company’s on-site child care center for after school care.

Mentorship Program for Moms

 Becoming a mother changes your life forever. New moms at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a professional services firm, are paired with “veteran moms” in the firm’s Mentor Moms program. Women can bond over the joys and struggles of motherhood, listen to one another, receive guidance and coping tips, and be encouraged by their fellow working-mothers.

Redefining Full-Time 

It’s not easy returning to work after maternity leave. Going from spending most of your waking hours with your baby to spending 8 or more hours at work again can be a tough transition. New mothers at U.K.-based Vodafone can reduce their 40-hour a week schedule to 30-hours a week and still earn their full time pay. This perk is available for the first six months back at work after leave.

You may feel like you don’t have the resources to offer some of these benefits to your employees. The truth is, any company, big or small, can find a creative way to offer great perks for their employees with children.

We, at would love to help you design the best comprehensive benefits plan for you. We believe benefits should reflect and enhance t a company’s culture and values. Visit our website today to learn more about how we can help you bring your vision, values and culture into alignment with your company’s benefits.

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