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Why Prioritizing Employee Happiness is a Priceless Benefit- Lessons from Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle, a Phoenix-based mattress retailer, knows a thing or two about creating a company people don’t want to leave. included the company among the winners for best company culture in a large company in 2017. With just 5 years of business under it’s belt, Tuft & Needle has established itself as a leader in more ways than one, managing to keep their turnover under five percent in their first four years.

Anonymous employees on Glassdoor had this to say about working for the retailer:

There are literally no cons regarding working at Tuft & Needle. I have enjoyed legitimately everything about my experience working there.

Tuft & Needle understands that employees need to be happy in order for everything to run smoothly, and they keep their employees happy.

The company hugely focuses on benefits that improve the quality of life of the team, not just free snacks and drinks in order to keep people longer hours.

While no company is perfect, one things seems to be certain at Tuft & Needle: employees are happy.

Benefits are a way to, quite literally, make your employees happy. Perhaps your bottom line doesn’t allow you to pay everyone their dream salary of millions of dollars. Even so, you can prioritize your employees overall happiness with creative work culture benefits.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a look at some of the nontraditional “benefits” that make Tuft & Needle a great place to work:

Free Mattress

 What better way to allow your employees to connect with your product or service than with a free gift! All Tuft & Needle employees receive a free mattress from the company. (Employees who get a good night’s sleep work better, right?)

A company retreat that feels more like vacation than work

 For the past two years, all Tuft & Needle employees have enjoyed a company retreat on the banks of Lake Powell in Arizona. However, instead of PowerPoint Presentation and training seminars, employees get to move about freely as there is no set schedule or planned activities, other than dinner.

“Without any planning, incredible opportunities for trust-building occur,” said company COO Evan Maridou in an interview with Entrepreneur.

Monthly Company Events

 Tuft & Needle truly cares about making sure their employees enjoy one another and enjoy working together. They care about this so much so that they’ve dedicated an entire team to it: The Team Experience team plans bonding experiences for employees. One regular event, Tea Time, occurs every Monday when everyone gathers together to munch on snacks and mingle.

Required Minimum 25-Day Vacation Policy

 Tuft & Needle requires its employees to take at least 25 mandatory paid vacation days per year. There’s nothing like showing employees you care about work-life balance by requiring them to take off, right?

Tuft & Needles success is proof that offering competitive employee benefits and perks creates happier, more loyal employees. You can create your own customized plan to make your company a great place to work. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But, we at are here to help you craft your perfect plan. Visit our website today to see how we can help you design the best comprehensive benefits and perks plan for your company.


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