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How NonProfits Are Making Employee Recognition a Priceless Benefit

Nonprofits have a reputation for hiring passionate, hard working people. The industry is not known for having exceptional wages and often, nonprofit work can be grueling, with resources consistently strained. Still, students excitedly apply for internships at nonprofits and the organizations have a steady stream of people wanting to work for them.

So, what’s the draw to working in an industry notorious for having less than impressive employee compensation?

Nonprofits often have to make a lot out of a little. They often have to stretch their funds, having employees handle multiple responsibilities. They do the same thing with benefits! These organizations make intentional moves to create a culture where employees feel appreciated and like they’re making a difference.

In doing this, they make intangible feelings, like feeling appreciated and valued, priceless benefits. These “benefits” keep employees motivated to do better and connected to the company’s mission.

Here’s a look at how a few nonprofits recognize their employees.

Feel Good Committee

Bay Area-based nonprofit Downtown Streets Team wanted their employees to feel so good, they created a committee dedicated to it! The Feel Good Committee organizes events for the organization, such as beach days, barbecues and the annual holiday party. The committee once organized a joint wedding shower for 4 employees getting married that summer! That would make anyone feel good!

Massages to Combat Burnout

Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse recognizes that it’s employees can easily become physically and emotionally drained. Employees at the Tucson nonprofit receive free massages from a local massage therapist to help minimize burnout.

Thank You Cash Bonus

Make-A-Wish employees in Illinois receive a “thank you” cash bonus at the end of each fiscal year if the organization reaches goals. Since fundraising is such a major part of the work nonprofits do, what better way to say thank you to employees than a little extra cash?

Mission Leave

What better way to recognize employees dedication to the company’s mission than allowing them to participate in it’s work outside of the responsibilities of their position? Habitat for Humanity, ranked the best nonprofit to work for in 2017 by, allows employees to take 2 weeks per year to go on a global build trip with the organization anywhere in the world!

Whether you lead a nonprofit or a for-profit organization, making sure employees feel valued, appreciated and recognized should be a top priority! Having a variety of ways to do this allows employees of all personality types to be recognized in a way that speaks to them!

What ways do you recognize employees? Do you currently have any processes in place? If not, you’re in luck. partners companies to create customized benefits, perks and culture solutions. We believe that when employees thrive, companies prosper. We’ve seen this time and time again and love working with companies to design the perfect benefits package for their company. Contact us today to learn more!


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