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Podcast Roundup: What We’ve Been Up To on The Benifit

Exciting things have been happening on the Benifit since we launched last month! We’ve got 5 entertaining, information-packed episodes with human resources industry leaders and culture creators from across the country.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights of each of our first 5 episodes:

Episode 1: Featuring Brett Farmiloe, CEO of Markitors

Brett says he tries to be like a baby fainting goat when it comes to his career.

“Baby fainting goats don’t faint. They’re fearless creatures, they have yet to learn any kind of fear like the adults. That’s how I try to approach each day. It’s kind of just from a fearless angle so that I don’t paralyze and I continue to make some progress.”

Brett’s explained that his morning routine for success starts the night before when he makes a list of six things he wants to accomplish the next day. The list of 6 things allows him to stay focused and feel the satisfaction of getting everything he planned to done at the end of the day.

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Episode 2: Tamara Lilian, Manager of Culture and Experience at HubSpot

Tamara shared some of the programs HubSpot has to help employees grow personally and professionally.

“One of the ways that we do that internally is we host master classes. Master classes are one-hour classes. They’re taught by employees for employees, so that makes that a free resource that any company can run with.”

“Another program that we have is our free books program. This is a digital library, if you will. We really encourage folks. If you find a book that you feel will help further your career at HubSpot and help you grow personally and professionally, we’re happy to provide that for you.”

“We also provide tuition reimbursement. The cost varies a little bit depending on the country. I know in the United States, it’s about $5,000 a year. Again, this is really just showing the team that while we have some really amazing internal resources, we also know that there’s some great external resources out there as well and we want folks to learn from diversity of thoughts.”

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Episode 3: Arte Nathan, Former CHRO of Wynn Resorts and President of Strategic Development Worldwide

Arte Nathan is a longtime veteran of the human resources industry. He shared what he feels companies need to do to enable people to thrive and stay with their company.

“I think you have to treat them with respect. I think you have to create an environment of trust, and I think you have to make them very comfortable with who they are, and where they are.”

Arte says it’s important for companies to “catch” and celebrate employees when they’re doing something well,

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Episode 4: Eric Severson, Chief People Officer at DaVita Kidney Care

Eric has been called the “zen master of flow.’” He says this may be a slight exaggeration, but says he feels called to help individuals reach their full potential through their work. Here’s how he does it.

“I try to do that as an operating leader within a business by finding ways that through work,  individuals can learn habits of being, that allow them to thrive in all aspects of their life while at the same time driving better business outcomes. To me, it’s about being able to teach people through their work life skills that make them better at their jobs but also better at the rest of their lives. Like better parents, better spouses or partners, better community members, better volunteers etcetera.”

Check out the episode to hear more about how Eric creates an atmosphere and lifestyle of wellbeing at DaVita and in his personal life.

Episode 5: Paul Wolfe, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Indeed

Paul Wolfe believes in treating people like adults. Sounds simple right? Here’s what Paul had to say about why unlimited paid time off treats people like adults and how it’s affected the company’s culture.

“It’s not that policing factor of like, oh, Paul’s taken six days off in the last 30 days or the last
90 days. It’s who hasn’t taken time off? If there’s a reason I haven’t taken time off because of working on this big project or a big product that we’re about to push out, like okay. But we should make sure they take time off after that. If there isn’t some mitigating factor as to why they haven’t taken time off, let’s talk about that.”

Listen here.

Stay tuned for more episodes on The Benifit. If you know of someone who’d be great for the show, email us at

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