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Underrated Employee Perks That Make Every Day Feel Like a Good Day 

You may have rolled your eyes at some, seemingly outrageous employee perks. 3 meals per day every day. A free concierge service. The option to bring dogs to work.

While some perks may seem unnecessary or like a ploy to keep people at work longer, the truth is, perks do have special role and place in the workplace. The word perk, a verb, means to become lively, cheerful or vigorous according to Similarly, perks help give employees that extra pep in their step, keeping work and life lively, vigorous and cheerful.

Now, not every company can offer the seemingly endless perks that the Google’s and the Facebook’s of the world do. But, every company can provide great perk that are relevant to their employees and will keep them smiling when they come to work.

Be inspired by this list of underrated employee perks that make every day feel like a good day at the office.

Fresh Baked Cookies on Rainy Days

For some people, waking up to rain brings about a feeling of dread and a strong desire to get back under the covers. But, at Trial Runners, an opthamology research company, employees can look forward to freshly baked cookies any time it rains. That’s not all! The company knows snowy days can also be a pain. So, after employees break out the snow shovel to get out of the front door, they can look forward to warm, sweet and just a tad salty cookies in the office!

Beautiful Space

There’s nothing like getting off of the road after a rough morning and walking into an uplifting, inviting work place. O.C. Tanner Company, which develops employee recognition and rewards programs, believes beautiful surroundings are a necessity. The company has a full-time green house staff and onsite floral designer. The company grounds recently underwent an update. Now, employees get to walk through and past meditation gardens, relaxing walking paths, and gentle waterfalls. Never underestimate the power of beauty and atmosphere to set a positive tone for employees!

Nap Rooms

Let’s face it. Sometimes, you just need to take a nap. At AOL, employees can nap anytime they need to. The company has designated nap rooms for employees to catch a few zzzz’s and wake up refreshed for the rest of the work day. Sometimes, all you need to do to turn a rough day into a good day is a quick, energizing nap!

Beer Vending Machine

Sometimes, all people wish for after a long day at work is a glass of wine or a tall mug of ice cold beer. Employees at Arnold Worldwide, don’t have to wait to go home to get their sip on. The advertising agencies workers gather around a beer-vending machine after client meetings, sipping on bottles of beer and chatting as if around the water cooler. This perk may not be for everyone, but it certainly might motivate some employees to be productive so they can celebrate at the end of the day with a glass of something tasty.

Mid-Workday Meditation Sessions

Employees at Etsy know that if they need a relaxation or inspiration break, all they need to know is walk to A-901, the company’s breathing room. A-901 has mats for setting and is a digital-device-free space. A couple times a week, employees can participate in guided meditation sessions. Otherwise, they can step into the breathing room any time they need a break, a breather, or to take a few deep breaths.

It’s not hard to see how these perks can make every day feel like a good day at work. At, we believe benefits and perks work together to create a great place to work for employees. We know that comprehensive, intentional benefits packages are essential for companies to attract and retain the best employees. That’s where we come in.

We love working with companies to create the custom employee benefits packages for them. When humans thrive, companies prosper. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a benefits package that will have people begging to work for you.

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