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5 Work-Life Balance Benefits for Employees

Balancing work and life is hard. Some say, work-life balance isn’t the goal and that instead, people should focus on work-life integration. Regardless of which philosophy you see as more sustainable, the fact of the matter is, employees want to be able to work hard and play hard. They want to enjoy the fruits of their labor and be able to spend time with the people who matter most to them.

Being able to work hard, play hard and love hard helps employees live balanced, happy lives. And when employees are thriving, companies will prosper.

Some companies have implemented simple, yet-effective initiatives through perks that encourage employees to live well both at work and beyond. By giving employees flexibility, companies communicate that it’s okay for employees to spend time with their families, prioritize their own wellness, and purse passions outside of work.

Here’s a few of the most effective work-life balance benefits for employees.

8 Hour Workday Including Paid Lunch

Baldwin Aviation employees work eight hour days. Total. Employees at the aviation support company work an 8 hour day that includes a lunch break. Essentially, they only “work” for 7 1/4 hours. This perk may seem small, but having an extra hour can do wonders for making employees feel like they have the time to do the things they need and want to do outside of work.

Half Day Fridays

Friday’s have a special kind of energy. With everyone looking forward to the weekend, productivity can be, interesting. Horizon Pharma employees get to enjoy year round “summer hours” and only work a half day on Fridays. Hello early weekend!

“Firm 40” Work Week

Employees at United Shore know they can count on a consistent 40 hour work week, in an industry that’s often known for 60-80 hour weeks plus weekends! This may not seem revolutionary. But, in an era with tech on the rise and the line constantly blurring between work and home, steady 40 hour work weeks can promote employees work-life balance in industries that require seemingly constant attention.

Once a Week Work From Home Day

There’s always that one day a week where it feels a bit more difficult to get up. Employees at Dermira can embrace this day. Instead of forcing themselves to get up and go to work, they can work from home one day a week.

On-Site Concierge Services

Georgia-based WellStar Health System provides concierge services for it’s employees. No more spending your time off running errands. The service helps team members handle day-to-day errands including car maintenance, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, gift buying and travel planning! And the best part? It’s all free!

There are all kinds of ways companies can support employees work-life balance. In the end, work-life balance benefits for employees pay off by increasing employee retention, productivity at work and satisfaction.

At, this is what we do. Helping companies create benefits packages that allow employees to thrive is our thing. We would love to connect with you and give you more information about how we help companies achieve their business goals through benefits. Contact us today to speak with a benefits consultant!

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