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What Does an Insurance Broker Do?

If you’ve been asking yourself, what does an insurance broker do?, your days of wondering are over. Here a look at everything you need to know about what insurance brokers do and why.

What is An Insurance Broker?

Insurance brokers are like special agents. While they may not dress in all black with dark sunglasses sporting a high tech top secret earpiece, they are cool, connected and informed. Insurance brokers use their expertise in insurance and risk management to help clients decide what they should insure and how they should do it.

What Does An Insurance Broker Do?

Insurance brokers main responsibility is to help connect clients with insurance deals and packages.  Since brokers do not work for one specific insurance company, they have access to a wide selection of policies. They may even have special hook ups that aren’t available to the general public. Because insurance brokers access to a variety of insurance policies, they can make sure their clients get the best coverage for their needs at the best price.

How Insurance Connects to Company Culture

On the surface, it may seem like insurance and company culture have nothing in common, no obvious connection. Perhaps you think purchasing insurance has nothing to do with your company’s culture. Here, at, we believe insurance and company culture should not only be connected, but should complement one another harmoniously.

Company culture is not always clearly defined. Essentially, a company’s culture is it’s set of values, beliefs, behaviors and priorities. Think of it like the personality of a company! There are all kinds of personalities companies can have, from being a work hard play hard kind of workplace, to being relaxed and casual.

These days, it’s more and more common for people to want to work for companies with values they connect with. On the flip side, more and more companies are considering whether an individual would be a good “culture fit” when deciding who to hire. It’s safe to say that organizations are thinking critically and intentionally about their corporate cultures to create an atmosphere that will both attract and retain employees.

At, we’re more than an insurance broker. We’re passionate about reimagining benefits and bringing them into alignment with each company’s unique culture.

How Is Different

We’re committed to discovering an approach that allows companies to prosper and human to thrive. Our benefits architects partner with companies, helping them craft comprehensive benefits packages that align with their company culture and purpose.

We’ve helped all kinds of companies put together incredible benefits packages that cater to the needs of their employees. Our entire approach to creating benefits packages keeps your company culture and strategic goals at the center. We know that when your company’s values, processes, culture and benefits are in alignment, your company works, well, better!

Thoughtfully crafted benefits packages can help you reduce turnover and take care of your employees. When employees feel valued and cared for, they tend to be better employees. And, better employees drive better results! Contact us today to chat with one of our knowledgeable benefits consultants.


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