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Workplace Wellness: 2019’s News Years Resolution

As January 1st slowly creeps up, many business owners will begin to set goals their companies in the new year. Traditionally, these goals focus on numbers and growth. But with today’s business climate, money is not the only thing at talks. Company culture and workplace wellness have slowly become expected elements of every company over the years. Instead of making 2019’s New Years Resolution focus on profits, we recommend you concentrate on workplace wellness! 

What Is It?

According to the International Labour Organization, “Workplace wellness relates to all aspects of working life, from the quality and safety of the physical environment, to how workers feel about their work,”. In other words, workplace wellness refers to your organization’s climate. If you or your employer offers benefits like health insurance or gym memberships, they are already a player in the wellness arena! The reason so many companies have began implementing wellness programs is because of its effect on employees. By ensuring their mind and body are well taken care of, companies reap the benefits of a more productive workforce!

In fact, the Sentinel Group proposes that, “Employees can experience many potential benefits after joining a wellness program, including improved well-being, better coping skills for stress, reduced risk for developing or worsening diseases and illnesses, lower health care costs and fewer doctor visits, access to social support through co-workers and a healthier work environment.” By going a step above the basic benefits, your employees will feel that you genuinely care about them and their families! Not only will this result in more motivated employees, but it will also make them loyal to your business and reduce turnover.

How Do I Implement It?

Before embarking on the wellness journey, it is important to identify your company culture. Why? Your benefits are the first symbol of your appreciation for them. By investing in them and their families, you prove that you are much more than just a job. With that said, we have a few innovative ideas you can incorporate in 2019! One of our favorites this year has been pet friendly offices! According to Central Michigan University, dogs act as social catalysts and make coworkers collaborate more effectively. Not to mention- dogs are great at alleviating tension and anxiety! By allowing employees to bring their fuzzy friends to work, you can make them feel more at home and relaxed in your office space.

If allergies stand in your way of establishing a pet friendly office, another great program is anxiety/mental health workshops. With 6.7% of US adults suffering from depression, mental health is an issue all employers should provide support for. By simply acknowledging mental health as an endemic issues, you are alleviating the stigma which surrounds it and letting your employees know that you are in their corner. This is a simple program that can do wonders for your company’s climate! 

By investing in a comprehensive wellness program for 2019, you can take your business to the next level. Not only will your employees benefit, but so will your company! With improved productivity, reduced healthcare costs, and lower absenteeism, it is easy to understand why you should make workplace wellness 2019’s New Years Resolution!

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